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August 9th, 2015 1:36 pm

Hey, fellow jammers!

Please allow me to introduce Verbal – a little tool for in-game conversations.
I could not find a conversation tool that would be simple, flexible and open, so I made one myself.


It consists of two parts – the editor (now available for Linux, Windows and Flash) and the library that loads and displays the conversation within your game. The library is now available for HaXe (OpenFL, HaxeFlixel) and Unity 5.

It supports a node-based dialogue trees, but gives enough freedom to interpret the data any way you want. For example in SPACR, I’m using it for the interactive fiction dialogues (you type commands manually).

You can also easily throw in some scripting. In the haXe examples, I’m using hscript, but it gives you freedom to integrate it with LUA or your scripting tool of choice.

Rather than a full-scale solution, I’m aiming for a simple, flexible tool that comes handy, especially during jams.

Check it out:

I’ll be happy to hear any comments or ideas.
I’d like the library to support more platforms, so far planned ar LÖVE, maybe GameMaker, though I’ve never used any of them, so it may take me a while.

Tree conversation example

Tree conversation example

Verbal editor

Verbal editor


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6 Responses to “Verbal – conversation tool”

  1. Evergreen Games says:

    Awesome! I’ll definitely be checking this out. Thanks!

  2. Donni11 says:

    Wow ! This is so cool !

  3. ReactorScram says:

    Would be good to have one of these for LOVE. I half-assed it for Drinking Game because it was a very limited simple case.

  4. bitfrost says:

    One suggestion I have is to add tool tips (like hover-text) to the editor, because I am struggling to figure out how to use the dang thing.

  5. jarnik says:

    bitfrost: Check, tooltips are definitely on my TODO list. Right now it’s very very rough, I hope to polish it over time.

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