Ludum Dare 33 Theme Slaughter!

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August 7th, 2015 3:34 pm

Over the past 3 weeks you suggested over 4000 themes! Wow! That’s a few too many, so let’s SLAUGHTER some!

This is our hot-or-not for Ludum Dare themes. Click the graphic above, and keep clicking until you can click no more! Every click helps, so click more and click often! Much appreciated!

As always, thanks again to sorceress for helping clean up the list.

REMEMBER: This is just Phase 1 of the theme vote. Next week, the top 80 themes from the slaughter will go head-to-head in 5 rounds of voting (Round 5 is best of 1-4). The winning theme will be announced at the start.

NEW: Monday morning, we’ve culled the lowest ~1000 rated themes. Offensive themes should be gone now.

NEW: Wednesday night, we’ve culled another ~1500 rated themes. That leaves just over 1300. Theme Voting week uses the top 80 unique themes from the slaughter.

30 Responses to “Ludum Dare 33 Theme Slaughter!”

  1. WubAlliance says:

    Theme slaughter HYPE (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ

  2. Mantlair says:

    Hoping to see your theme submission B)

  3. Piranesi says:

    Did someone go to the Wikipedia list for “forms of government” and paste them all in as different themes?

  4. Evergreen Games says:

    What’s up with all the “____ rush” themes?

  5. silentlamb says:

    I wish there’s gonna be a theme related to a farm. I really like some of the themes and can’t wait for voting phase!

  6. SomeLad says:

    Got a couple hundred votes in. Excited about my first Ludum Dare.


  7. LeoM says:

    +1 for “Scat Porn”
    Best theme ever !

  8. LTyrosine says:

    “Castles” is an amazing theme that goes to final rounds on many previous LDs but never wins. I see so many game ideas from it.

  9. coasterspaul says:

    I like how there are some stats this slaughter. It’s all fancy! It gives you motivation and makes you feel like you’re doing something productive even as you’re slogging through a bunch of bad themes.

    You know, I hate those “backwards” types of themes that try to be clever but are really just clichéd. “The Game Plays You” (Okay, Soviet Russia, I’ll do Tetris), “Lose to win”, even “Title screen” – sometimes literally just “Reverse(d)”, “Backwards”, or “Mirrored” – or “Forget Everything You Know” or other “super-twists” that really don’t stand out from each other anymore.

  10. Asado says:

    I love this idea. Hope my themes get through – *HYPE*

  11. timotei says:

    Guys, where the theme voting??? It’s already Thursday and no theme voting posts have been created, like the other LDs

  12. FacticiusVir says:

    Would it be possible to get stats on the final score for each theme in the slaughter, to see the vote counts? (After the announcement, of course)

    • PoV says:

      I’ll look in to it, but it’s not easy unfortunately. Once the slaughter ends, we take roughly the top 200, and clean that up by hand to find the top 80. We remove duplicates (any plurals we missed), any themes we’ve had in the prior 2-3 years, and others that just seem too much like other themes (keeping the highest voted version, stuff like “Moon” and “Two Moons”, or “Night Sky” and “The Stars”).

      I definitely want to do more stats, but think I may save this for later.

      • FacticiusVir says:

        Thanks for taking a look – no worries if it’s more work than is practical, it would just be interesting to see what people are suggesting and what’s not worth suggesting in future (as it just gets slaughtered).

  13. FacticiusVir says:

    P.S. if the theme for this event is not “Starship” then we’ve all missed a trick.

  14. ProjectBAM says:

    I’m such an idiot. I thought that the theme was “Slaughter”.

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