I’m (Most Likely) In!!!

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August 7th, 2015 1:42 pm

Hey all!

Last Ludum Dare, I quit in the middle, because A) I wasn’t very inspired, and B) I had some crap going on that was distracting me from the competition.

This time, that should all be over, and I should feel again motivated to make a game in 48 hours! 😀

In past times, there was this engine I used called Yamanu, and it was open source and all that fun stuff, but there were so many problems with it. Inefficient code, and bad frame-rate inconsistencies, it was a mess. This time, I’m creating a last minute engine called Ludum GL, which I’m sure is already taken, and I apologize for any copyrights I’m infringing upon. Basically it’s going to be an OpenGL tool (using LWJGL) to assist developers in the process of making a game. I’m trying to make it work like you’re coding for Software rendering, but it’s actually going to be using OpenGL rendering. It’ll be smooth, and have better consistencies across devices. It should be pretty sweet. Probably the main component it will have is the ability to load natives regardless of your operating system, without any hassle for the player, and without much hassle for the developer. It’s still very basic, and it’s still being developed to support more features, but the GitHub page is here. I’ll eventually add a “website” for it, using GitHub Pages or whatever it’s called. There you’ll be able to download the libraries.

Enough about the engine, I’m pretty excited for Ludum Dare 33! I hope you all are too, and I’m pumped to see some of the cool games that’ll come of it 😀

Good luck everyone, and caio until next time

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