I’m in for the 2nd time

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August 6th, 2015 3:04 pm

Hello fellow gamedevs!

My first time (LD30) was a great experience and I really wanted to participate again. And I’ve got opportunity to join this time!

My goals for this LD are quite similar to the previous ones:

  • Finish a playable game. That’s everyone’s main goal, so not much to say.
  • This time I want to focus on introducing concept of the game to the player, so he or she won’t get lost. Last time it was a total failure. Players didn’t know what was the goal of the game, nor how to control the avatar, nor what are rules to the game.
  • Keep visual simple, but of decent quality. If the topic is right I might even try to use a really simple shapes (circles and rectangles). The main focus is going to be on a good mix of colors, and little things like gradients and shadows. Last time I spent too much time creating unused animation.
  • More fx sounds. Sound is a great tool for the feedback and to make the game feel alive. I hope I won’t mess the API this time and use the valid volume ranges (0-100 instead of 0-1). My tool of use: probably sfxer.
  • Music. Any music. I’m not a musican at all, but since the beginning of this year I’ve been working in the audio/DSP related project. If it’s possible I’ll borrow MIDI keyboard from my company for the weekend to motivate me. The tool of use is going to be Milky Tracker, unless I find something easy to use.
  • I have no idea what theme is going to win, but if possible I’m gonna try to make something fast-paced. Last time I tried to make clone of “Ugh!” game. This time again I’m gonna stick to already explored concepts. It’s still to early to me to create anything original, I’d rather focus my work in other fields.

I’ll stick to the tools I know well, so once again game is going to be done in C++11 and SFML with Box2D or Lua, depending on the theme.

I wish you all good luck at the LD33!

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