For LD32, my entry featured considerably more sophisticated (though not necessarily better!) visuals and map generation than my usual entries.  While I’m proud of the fact that I pushed my boundaries, it definitely meant that the gameplay suffered. In particular, many features that would have been fun and thematic had to be cut at the end.

This time, I want to end the compo feeling like I’ve created my most polished and “finished” entry yet.  I want to do this by using minimalistic graphics (but with plenty of finesse, polish, and extra effects to make the simple graphics feel intentional and well-executed) as well as a focused set of core features.  Basically, I’d like to make something that feels as cohesive and complete as my successful “Drill18” entry  — though I’m certainly aiming for fewer features and less complexity, because that thing was a beast and I still have NO idea how I pulled it off.

I’ll most likely be using Unity again (not sure about 3d or 2d), though part of me is tempted to use JavaScript to make something that looks like an old-school text-based adventure.


4 Responses to “I’m in, and this time I want to aim for simplicity.”

  1. dannyhodge says:

    Lol I swear you aim for a simpler game every time! I look forward to seeing what you come up with this time, seeing what you come up with is a big motivator for me to try and better myself.

  2. kumsalo says:

    In the last LD you inspired me so much I’m planning to join LD33. Although there is still the temptation that I’d drop everything and watch you build your game live!

  3. Liam :D says:

    Watching your stream, is it fair to say you did not succeed in your aim for simplicity? 😀

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