I’ll be in for 33. Hopefully.

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August 4th, 2015 2:28 pm

Depending on how things go, I will participate in LD33.  The main problem I have is that I’m still working on my development tools and libraries for the SEGA Saturn.  Having slowed down since Saturday due to the realisation that access to the CD block is pretty important, unless 1MiB fills all the content requirements I have.  Audio is something I don’t have, either.  Both of these things are a concern, to say the least.  I still have two weeks and three days, though.  In the meantime, here is what I do have:


Not overly impressive, but if you consider that I’m content with sprites and input for an entry, it’s enough to warrant entering a SEGA Saturn game.  Anyway, if I can get some audio working and read from a CD in the next two weeks, then I’ll definitely be in.

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  1. klianc09 says:

    If I still had my Sega Saturn, I would have definitely downloaded it and burned it to a disk to play it.

    Also: Thanks to you, I see myself using the “Stupid idea” tag a lot in future posts.

  2. You could use an emulator, such as Yabause to play it. To avoid burning a bunch of coasters, I’m going to use the USB connection to the Saturn, acting as a kind of CD emulator.

    Glad I could help with the tag =P.

  3. Hemuuuli says:

    Cool. Now I have an urge to use my ps1 library for the next LD. 😛

  4. Solifuge says:

    Impressive work! If you’re able to put together a Saturn LD entry, I’ll be sure to play it. 😀

  5. Thanks for the responses, everyone.

    I took a break for a few days to let the information I was reading up on sink in, with regards to accessing the CD block and using the SCU for DMA. It’s probably going to be a really basic API for now (maybe even just accessing a single file with all the content in it). Getting the SCU figured out also brings me closer to the DSP, too. Re-reading the documentation now, it all seems a lot clearer. If I can’t get CD access, then I’ll be creating a really small game =P.

    Also, I got a lot of views on my videos which were at 20 before I posted this entry. Thank you all.

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