Hey guys. Out of curiosity, what are some alternatives to timelapse generating softwares, such as Chronolapse? I’m a bit unsatisfied with the video quality that Chronolapse generates (which I know, it’s just FFMPEG, and I could try to change its settings), and figured I’d try something different for the upcoming Ludum Dare.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. ajayajayaj says:

    http://ludumdare.com/compo/tools/ has a list of good tools. At the bottom is Chronolapse and Glapse. I have never used Glapse but you could try it.

  2. I actually made my own for LD32, using python, ffmpeg, and some other stuff. It worked fairly well (it also recorded loc’s, what youtube video I was listening to, and took webcam captures) but sometimes the webcam feature froze due to ffmpeg. I’m gonna try and make it usable for this LD, but it kind of depends on if ffmpeg got rid of the bug. If they did, I might have something for you in a few weeks.

  3. GaTechGrad says:

    I broadcast with OBS and choose the option to save a local copy of the video file. Then I use ffmpeg to generate the time lapse image files, and then I use VirtualDub to generate the video file from the images. It works really well, and I wrote a Ruby script to automate most of the process. I wrote a post on here years ago about it, but it probably needs to be updated.

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