Declaration of Interiority

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August 2nd, 2015 7:05 pm

I’m in once more! Really looking forward to it. I’ll probably do a browser-based game again, most likely without using an engine (Three.js and/or Pixi are always an option though).

My tool set looks like this:

IDE: simple text editor (Coda)

Platform: web browser

Graphics: Cinema 4D, Pixelmator

Audio: Logic Pro X, Audacity

Streaming: Maybe on, but don’t know yet, I still haven’t solved the problem where streaming distracts totally me…

Past LDs, including the last one at which failed outright:

Murder Hat’s Great Escape
Ludum Dare 32

Ludum Dare 31

Killbot’s Last Adventure
Ludum Dare 30

Planet Improver
Ludum Dare 29

Warmup Rogue
Ludum Dare 29 Warmup

License to One
Ludum Dare 28

Robots Save the Day
Ludum Dare 27


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