The Lion’s Song – Greenlighting

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July 29th, 2015 7:32 pm

Hey guys,
it’s me leafthief! You may remember me from Ludum Dares such as LD#30 (Connected Worlds/The Lion’s Song), LD#26 (Minimalism/Lunar Rain) or even LD#20 (It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this/Entity). Today I’d like to write a few things on ‘The Lion’s Song’ and how far the project made it almost a year after scoring #1 in Mood and Graphics at LD30.

Winning stuff
One really great thing that happened with TLS after Ludum Dare was that I just tried submitting it to various competitions and whaddayaknow it actually won something. While unexpected I was overjoyed when the jury of the Vienna Content Award 2015 decided to nominate and even pick my game. The Lion’s Song won in the ‘character’ category. A great great night for me. But not the end of the journey!


Extending the Game
Ever since LD#30 I’ve been thinking/trying to extend The Lion’s Song into a full-grown adventure game. But I kept hitting a wall in terms of time and direction. The experience, that jam game, was more or less completed. How could I extend it without losing some of the magic that made it great? It’s a small, concentrated game. Extending it would lessen its impact. Broadening it would make it less to-the-point.
I’ve thought about this quite a bit and at some point I started talking about it to my boss at my day job (Mipumi Games) – where we’re also making games.


Partnering Up
A great thing that happened was that after months and months of talking about the game to my bosses they agreed on partnering up for a Greenlight campaign. The whole agreement being about enabling me to work on this full time and the past two weeks were awesome.
Together we came up with the concept of an episodic format featuring the concise and light narrative-driven experiences that Lion’s Song is. Instead of trying to go broad with one story we’ll be trying to make multiple small, complete short stories!


So this is it. We’re trying to get ‘The Lion’s Song’ greenlit and I’m here to tell you my story and to maybe get a vote or two out of it. But overall I guess I just want to say this: thank you LD for enabling me to work on my small games not just on my own time, but full time (at least for a while).
Also if you have time could you check out our campaign and push the ‘Yup’ button? It’ll help me move forward with the project in my workplace. Thank you <3


3 Responses to “The Lion’s Song – Greenlighting”

  1. zatyka says:

    I’m glad to see there’s a future for this game. It’s a lovely experience.

  2. Jwatt says:

    As a physicist, the premise does sound interesting. I’d pay for this, and I know a bunch of other people that might.

    But how detailed is this gonna be about the creative process involved? I hope there’s more real math background involved than the textbook quantum wave function equations floating around in the trailer. Seems like the sort of game that shouldn’t be afraid to show how the original gangstas came to derive these things.

    • LeafThief says:

      Hey Jwatt,
      we’re don’t have the Mathematician episode fully planned out yet, just an outline. I won’t lie to you: we’re not going to do in-depth math in the episode, it’s more about showing where inspiration can come from for all sorts of people (not just what’s classically labeled as “creative” professions) in all sorts of fields.
      It’s important to us not to show a derivation itself but how the person gets there. I’m glad we can say that we have a theoretical physicist as well as a technical mathematician in our team / in our reach so we’re naturally going to consult with these *a lot*.

      Hope that answers your question and doesn’t disappoint too much.
      All the best!

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