Ludum Dare 33 in 5 Weeks! Theme Suggestions Open!

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July 20th, 2015 12:36 pm

In just under 5 3 weeks, we’ll be kicking-off our 33rd major Ludum Dare event. Lets do this!

Ludum Dare on WordPress, one more time

Like usual, we’ll be using the somehow-still-working WordPress powered website to run Ludum Dare 33.

I do regret that I underestimated the amount of work needed to rewrite Ludum Dare from the ground up. I bit off a lot, but I’ve enjoyed myself. :)

I’ll talk about progress in a moment.

Theme Suggestions are Open

You know the drill. Go here, and tell us what you think the theme should be.

Real World Gatherings

It’s time to start booking and organizing your gatherings (and for me to make the list)!

Project “Starship”, the new Ludum Dare, in great detail

The new website is still in development. Things are working, but it’s not done.

I’ve written an EPIC POST. The progress so far, what’s coming, and what to expect.

Click if you Dare.


  • Keep all your current Games and Posts
  • Create Teams, and subscribe to Groups
  • New timeline, see only a subset of all posts during events, popular posts, and people you Follow
  • Add Games from Other Game Jams (auto-import from some)
  • Markdown formatted text instead of HTML, Emoji short codes, Syntax Highlighting
  • Patching. Improve and fix the text for any page/post/game. Push with a click, and Accept changes with a click
  • Comment Notifications and @mention Notifications
  • Some crazy new User Page stuff :)

Check out the post for more details.

Get Hype

Ludum Dare is coming up!

41 Responses to “Ludum Dare 33 in 5 Weeks! Theme Suggestions Open!”

  1. RadioLemon says:

    Can’t wait! Let’s make Potato the theme this time guys! Or at least some other popular vegetable!


  3. TheGamer90 says:

    Cool dude…………….. Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. NeiloGD says:

    I see talk of an API…

    …what about analytics stuff for LDers to use?

    *runs away*

  5. Geckoo1337 says:

    I am IN :)

  6. Krunoslav says:

    So many ideas, i would like something about society or politics.

  7. orange08 says:

    I sent in some theme ideas. I hope you like them.

  8. Avalanche Games says:

    Excited for LD33! Going to be our first D:

  9. Looking forward so much to this LD! Does anyone (maybe a fellow Hollander) know a place to talk to/meet other Dutch LD participants? Or any related game dev community that is dutch?

  10. eviljake29 says:

    I believe a good theme would be “Dystopian Future”

  11. mincrmatt12 says:

    Not to be mean, but “lets” has an apostorphe, making it “let’s”

  12. C64Gamer says:

    I’m giving up now …. ! I have asked now 4 times and more in the past 3 month: “How i can help on the new website…”. I asked in comments, i asked in the IRC chat, i asked over Twitter …. no answer nothing. In all posts there is always this: “Wooow this is too much work … maybe i need help”. I’m a senior web engineer doing my job over 15 years now. If there is nothing to help …. ok. More time to make my own stuff. Sorry that i’m a bit angry …

  13. sweenist says:

    I’m in! This’ll be my second one. It will be fun!

  14. silentlamb says:

    I couldn’t find any info on this topic: when is the theme voting going to start?

  15. Aboy001 says:

    How does this work I just create an account and see what the theme is in a week

    • Open Skies Games says:

      Aboy, you are correct. It will be posted on the site on Friday, 21 August at 21:00 EST.

      After it’s announced you have either 48* or 72** hours to complete your game.

      *Ludum Dare: Compo (aka “Hardcore Mode”) – This is a solo challenge in which you must create everything from scratch. You MUST share your source code at the end of the competition.

      **Ludum Dare: Game Jam (aka “Normal Mode”) – This can be a solo or team to create a game. You may use pre-made basecode for this event.

      I recommend you take a look at the rules page I’ve linked below:

      Good luck!

  16. jerry111zhang says:

    I’m in! This will be my first Ludum dare! Excited!

  17. Naiko says:

    My first Ludum Dare as well, fk ye 😀

  18. carle13 says:

    Do I have to inscribe me for the Ludum Dare 33 or just submit my game when I have finished?

  19. MobsterSquirrel says:

    Probably in =) My second Ludum Dare 😀

    Game Engine : Flixel, HaxeFlixel
    Graphics : Graphics Gale, Gimp
    Sound Effects : BFXR
    Music (hopefully :D) : Famitracker

  20. gexen says:

    I’m in

    Game engine: Unity
    C# programming the jam

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