Good bye Ludumdare

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July 20th, 2015 12:08 pm

Its me de bad guy Sk3letor from #ludumdare channel, many might not know me well but today 6:43:17 I got banned by NeiloGD with words:

* You were kicked by NeiloGD (You will never learn, and it’s been brought to my attention that you’ve been told time and time again. Please find a community that will tolerate your crap.)

Seems I didint learn NOT to have opinion about diffrent things, so this is a lesson for rest of you guys:

– Dont ever NEVER disagree about anything or you get picked/bullied by other users.

– You are always WRONG, they are right.

– Your best weapon: Idle.

So this is the good bye, have nice rest of life.




After ban I feeled draw one last time art about “fair” man who guards the #ludumdare:

This post might be get removed by butthurted admin but no worry.. de art never cannot been removed.



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8 Responses to “Good bye Ludumdare”

  1. Tijn says:

    Bye Sk3letor.

  2. voxel says:

    I will always remember you, Sk4letodd

  3. Furyhunter says:

    This is the only blog post you’ve made and you don’t appear to have submitted any games in the past. The Ludum Dare community does not need people who stir up drama like this.

    • PoV says:

      ‘cmon. That wasn’t really necessary. Let them be. When they want to come back, they can come back.

      It sounds like they were misbehaving in IRC, and that’s fine. Banning is how IRC deals with that. I’m sure the ban will expire eventually, and if they’re ready to behave, then they’ll be welcome.

      Everybody makes mistakes. There’s enough negative vibes elsewhere on the internet. No need for us to add to them here.

  4. vegard1992 says:

    de art can never be die

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