Real World Gatherings for Ludum Dare 33 [43]

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July 17th, 2015 5:08 pm

While Ludum Dare is typically an online event (make a game from the comfort of your home), many real world events happen around Ludum Dare. Most events have limited space, so RSVP ASAP! Here’s the list:

US and Canada

Rest of the World

If you want your event on the list, post a comment letting me know where your event is. Be sure to include a link to further details (either here on the blog, or elsewhere).

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  1. Omiya Games says:

    Like last time, Tech Valley Game Space at Troy, NY (in USA, obviously) has a meetup for this coming Ludum Dare. Note that we have a limit of 20 attendees.

  2. GameDevLou will be hosting another in-person Ludum Dare at LVL1 Hackerspace in Louisville, Kentucky. RSVP here:

  3. moiremusic says:

    The Dallas, TX, USA gathering will be held at NōD Coworking and hosted by the Dallas Society of Play. 40 spots available. FB Event page and Eventbrite page to reserve a spot:

  4. NGuillemot says:

    The University of Victoria GameDev Club is holding a jam in Victoria, BC. Canada.

    The event is sponsored by VIATeC, Victoria’s Advanced Technology Council. They are providing the space to host it at Fort Tectoria in Downtown Victoria.

    Facebook event:

  5. GroZaV says:

    The Beijing (China) Game Devs are hosting a Real World Gathering too!

    The event is not sponsored, but we have a great venue!

  6. penngwen says:

    Quickfire Games and Let’s Play Manila are hosting in Makati, Philippines!

    Facebook Event:

    But they’d need to register for tickets at Eventbrite because we need complete names of all 40 participants!

  7. SarahFrisk says:

    The Indie Game Meetup in Portland, Maine is hosting a Ludum Dare meetup on Saturday from
    12:00 PM to 5:00 PM at Big Room Studios.

  8. jozsasz says:

    Nemesys Games is hosting the Jam in Budapest, Hungary. You can check in here:

  9. Selzier says:

    Boise, Idaho! Idaho Game Developers are hosting a Real World Gathering in conjunction with BoiseCodeWorks! Check “Idaho Game Developers” at Facebook and Meetup!

  10. FrederickK says:

    Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre
    Many Thanks!

    Vejo vocês lá! 😀

  11. Vircung says:

    Hey, we will be gathering in Lublin, Poland in Makerspace !!

    See you there !!
    Do zobaczenia :)

  12. 01010111 says:

    Richmond, VA –
    RVA Game Jams will be hosting at 804RVA! Please join us!
    – <3

  13. jcsirron says:

    Longmont, CO –
    The TinkerMill will be hosting a local meetup again. Join us for another fun jam!

  14. invi says:

    Multimedia University(MMU), Cyberjaya Campus, Malaysia

  15. devCSmith says:

    Cache Valley Game Creators
    Logan, Utah, USA

  16. omaha says:

    I’m happy to announce that we’re bringing Ludum Dare to Montana!

    Bozeman Game Jams

    Bozeman, MT

  17. chaosmelody says:

    Ok, I am hoping to partake in dare 33. I am looking to be organized and prepared for the overall event. What prepping tips can you guys offer? If I cannot find a team, are there any books or websites I should rent/bookmark? Is google+ a good communication/info sharing source for a team that cannot meetup in person?

    I currently have Game Maker Studio and some programming books I have collected. I like java and python but the Game Maker language is growing on me. I look forward to the competition. If not 33, I am going to participate as well as donate. This is exactly what I hoped to find when I began sorting through search engines for new hobbies

    Currently waging battles on Cardhunter and falling through some TowerFall

  18. emmelineprufrock says:

    Lexington Kentucky is going to have a real world gathering, set up under the RunJumpDev banner at the Black and Williams Community Center:

  19. vladimirdlc says:

    Someone in Montreal wants to do a real world gathering?

    Otherwise I can host in my small apartment in downtown if anyone is looking for a team!, fell free to write me up at

  20. bobjrsenior says:

    The Game Developers of UNCC are hosting the event in Charlotte, NC (US).

    Link Page:

  21. cowboycolor says:

    Almost two years straight of Ludum Dare real world gatherings in Eugene!

    Eugene, Oregon
    @Fertilab Thinkubator
    390 Lincoln Street
    Eugene OR 97401

    Event Flyer:
    Facebook Event:
    Event Space:

  22. Finn Stokes says:

    I mistyped the URL for the Adelaide site, it should be:

  23. squirrelelk says:

    Please, add our event as well. This would be our 3rd offline gathering in Minsk

    Minsk, Belarus

  24. psypol says:


    i’m the organizor of the LudumDare Real-World gathering in my company
    ( this will be a Gathering only for employees for this first attempt)
    Can i nevertheless add it to the list ?

  25. funIntentions says:

    We’re having a meetup in Burnaby, BC, Canada. :)


  26. Helyson says:

    Brasil,,, vamos mostrar como se faz jogos.. XDXD

  27. Bensonance says:

    We’re having a venue in Johannesburg South Africa! Hosted by Make Games SA :).

  28. Valeg says:

    could you please add our Ludum Dare competition in Mykolaiv, Ukraine
    Mykolaiv Gamedev community:

  29. Ludipe says:

    San Sebastián (Spain) – (@PintxoDeveloper )


  30. yodamaster says:

    Frankfurt, Germany:

    Address: Escape Adventures, Hanauer Landstrasse 551, 60386 Frankfurt.

    Free Wifi. Drinks & Snacks available. Seperate dark room for sleeping/nap. Bring your own sleeping bag.

    Please register at:

    Limited to 20 persons.
    (General website, has no info about the event)

  31. BenMcLean says:

    I’m organizing a meetup in Kansas City, MO! #LudumDareKC

  32. Vulkanmannen says:

    Some folks from Sweden Game Arena will be jammin like crazzy! XD

    Heja heja! Ludum in Skövde!

  33. Elisée says:

    If you’re near Strasbourg, France, you can join us at the coworking space La Plage Digitale! :)

  34. Skyfish says:

    I’m hosting Norway, Oslo, at Bitraf the hackerspace:

  35. mwillson says:

    San Francisco reporting in. Noisebridge will be hosting a gathering this weekend!

  36. laaph says:

    I’m not personally hosting the event (sorry PoV!), but since the event organizers haven’t posted anything about it, we (er not me) are hosting a local meetup in Corvallis, Oregon! Event details can be found at

    I will be there :) First real world meetup I’ve been to since I was hosting them in the bay area, and probably will be the first time I finish since then, too.

  37. I will be hosting a pre-LD drinks session in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Folks can come along and meet people, form teams and arrange venues for their teams to meet. We will not be providing a venue in this case, but there is also already one available in Frankfurt if needed.

    Many of the local independent devs will be there as well, so if your new to indie games come and meet us!

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