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July 12th, 2015 5:28 pm

Howdy, I’m back!
I used today to polish off a game I started late last year; Mine Upgrade! (LD #29)

Mine Upgrade is a Point & Click, Idle & Upgrade game where the aim of the game is to progress in Cash & Upgrades.



Once again it was created for the Kongregate Weekly Contest so any Rates & Comments would be greatly appreciated :-) you may play the game at the link below

Edit: Mine Upgrade is currently 4th place! Thankyou!! :)

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  1. blinkok says:

    This game has given me a good few hours of enjoyment. Very well done!
    I have a couple suggestions;
    1. Start by giving the player a miner so i can see something happening straight away
    2. The gameplay tends to ramp up very slowly. I see your going to add more depth to the gameplay by adding more minerals to mine but i still think it could ramp up a little quicker.
    3. I spent that vast majority of my time in the market dialog. I think this detracts a little from the experience and i didn’t get to enjoy seeing my little miners/carts/drillers etc going back and forward. I thought maybe a HUD for the market might work a little better. something like this;
    if the image tags don’t work here is the link;

    • Keehan12 says:

      Cheers for the feedback! I agree it could ramp up a little quicker but this won’t be a problem once more content has been added :-) and I absolutely love your hud idea by the way!! Once I get the hang of scrolling/cycling to change what the hud is viewing, I think this is an excelent idea.

  2. blinkok says:

    i forgot to mention that the graphics are sweet as. i luv the way the rocks are so clear and those rock icons are so readable i don’t think you need the text. the little miners/carts and tucks all read really well and the whole design works superbly together.

  3. blinkok says:

    i hope you don’t mind me blabbing on but i spent a little more time on the hud. i think this just about covers every variable you have so far;
    a bit of an explanation;
    yellow = buy
    magenta = sell
    green = upgrade
    i think the player has everything they need in the hud but i added a hover dialog to help the beginner.

    Right now the gameplay is all moving forward. I think there needs to be something to work against. i have played a game with similar mechanics to this one here;
    it has an element of discovery (searching for the rocks) which i don’t think you need here. what it does have is equipment management. fuel, cooling systems/over heating. i think if you add aspects like these then the player needs to think more about managing their funds and as such makes a more enjoyable experience.

    i promise i wont bother you anymore. you have the makings of a very very good game and i would luv to see it reach it’s full potential.

    ps: i left your game going overnight (and for much of the day). it has more than 100 objects zooming back and forth, i have spent millions on equipment/upgrades and it hasn’t missed a beat..very nice work

    • Keehan12 says:

      no no blabber all you want :) you’ve been handing me some quality feedback that I am willing to move forward with. I couldn’t agree more with you so expect updates and I’ll let you know how they come along!

  4. blinkok says:

    pps: some particles flying about when an object touches a rock would be cool too 😉

  5. blinkok says:

    one last thing. i used the BM family of fonts. this is the main one;

  6. blinkok says:

    ok. last little bit. i think this manages all parameters.

    you could use tool tips to educate the player about the buttons.
    i know it looks a little busy because of all the 9’s but remember that during normal play there will be no where near as many numbers on the screen.
    i think having all this information on the screen will give the player a sense of power having control over all these parameters and a sense of urgency making sure it doesn’t get out of hand

    good luck with your project. i reckon you got get decent money over at http://www.fgl.com if you polished it up

  7. blinkok says:

    had some more thoughts last night;

    you could add two new pieces of equipment;
    1. fuel truck
    2. maintenance truck
    Both of these items would act very similar. Regular equipment would slowly burn fuel and randomly break down (Maybe the frequency of breaking down/fuel cost could be a variable of each machine). The maintenance/fuel truck would travel from the workshop to the vehicle and fix/refuel it. this would have an associated cost and the player would have to approve the spending (which appears on the HUD). As you have more vehicles you need more maintenance equipment to manage them. I think this would be the yin to the yang of accumulating minerals/wealth and force the player to make balanced decisions. I think the miner should be immune from breaking down or requiring fuel. this makes getting started a little less daunting
    (Green numbers are maintenance/fuel dollars. Press tick button to approve)

    1. Little particle rocks shoot off the rock mountain when a vehicle touches it.
    2. As the rock mountain depletes it would sink into the land. you could do this in 5/10% intervals and make the mountain shake and then drop creating a big splash of particle rocks and smoke (i can do an animation if this isn’t clear)
    3. Some animation in the HUD would be cool. Mineral icons could “blip” when minerals are added. the cargo total could blink red when it’s full. Maintenance dollars could blink when they need approval. This would give the player a real impression that stuff is happening. It could also create tension because the player would think “shit! everything is going off! i gotta handle this!”

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