MiniLD 61 Weakness

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July 9th, 2015 4:03 pm


Its MiniLD time!

The theme is: A Necessary Weakness

This time around your aim is to make a game based off of your weakness as a game developer. Hate doing sound for your game? Create the most beautifully ugly sound in your game. Learn what works for you and what doesn’t. Are you bad at the programming aspect? Create a full game every other day in a short time limit during this MiniLD. Who cares if that aspect is the worst or most incohesive thing ever? This MiniLD will run from this Saturday the 11th to the start of the 27th two weeks later. The rest of July you should use to give feedback and suggest ways people could get better.

Some ideas of ways how to work on your weakness:

  • Need feedback to know where to go to improve yourself? Join the #ludumdare IRC channel on and show samples of your work and ask for suggestions on how to improve.
  • Prefer twitter? I love giving feedback, although probably sometimes misguided. Tweet at me! Or tweet at all of LD with by using the hashtag #LDJAM
  • Want to stay away from twitters and direct interaction with others? Look at the comments and scores on your past LD entries. They should give you some idea of where to go.
  • Have problems with the time? Participate in the one hour game jams that take place weekly on IRC #1hgj on and post your results to the MiniLD submission forum on this website.
  • Don’t think one hour is going to help you solve your time issues? Make it 48 hours and do a practice run for next months Ludum Dare!
  • Problems with music? Create a basic game, find a style of music that fits it the most, and try to replicate that style as closely as possible.
  • Problems with art? Hire bitslap Create a game with an insane amount of playable characters, landscapes, and other art assets.
  • Get feedback wherever you can, post on IRC, post here on the LD site, give it to your friends to play, give it to your dog to play.

Just remember, whatever you do make, submit it here so you can get feedback on it!

So take the weakest part of your game making abilities and flaunt them. Celebrate the process of learning!


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53 Responses to “MiniLD 61 Weakness”

  1. SomeLad says:

    This might sound silly, but what exactly did you mean when you said: “Create a full game every other day in a short time limit during this MiniLD”. It makes it sound like we are supposed to create multiple games.

    • ratking says:

      I read it as a challenge if you’re bad at programming a game – make multiple games, to overcome this weakness!

      • WetDesertRock says:

        Yeah, exactly. The best way to learn is repetition. You may not succeed at creating a game in a short timespan (think an hour or two), but you will get closer and closer and figure out how to manage your time better. Feel free to make multiple games and show off one or all of them.

        • SomeLad says:

          I think programming is my only strong suit, so I’m probably going to make one game over the two weeks to practice everything else.

          Thanks for clearing up my confusion.

  2. SuperUserNameMan says:

    Hmmm …. interesting. This theme sounds perfect for me.

    My weakness is that I hate doing graphics, modeling, uv-mapping, animations, sounds, music, level design, uploading and writing stuff.
    Also, I’m very bad at finishing my projects.

    My only “strongness” is my enthusiasm.
    I hope that I’ll be allowed to use it.

  3. Knowledge says:

    I’m bad at making normal games.
    I might make one this time.
    Problem is I’m also bad at:
    Making a lot of stuff (you know I always create game with one level and super weird mechanics).

    But I don’t want to create beautiful art, music and a lot of levels. I think I should make randomly generated music, randomly generated art, randomly generated levels. I’m also relatively bad at making randomly generated things (although I love it).

    Am I allowed to do that?

    • WetDesertRock says:

      Make whatever will make you successful in LD (in your eyes of course). If you think the best way to overcome your problems with assets is proc-gen, then make some generators to generate this all for you. Although that does sound hard to do in a LD.

      Remember that you don’t have to do the same thing everyone else does. Most people in the gamedev community I hang out with and talk with frequently uses pixel art. I’ve tried my hand many times and just never get the feeling for it. It never seems to be my style. Thus far most of my art inspiration has come from contemporary art. Just try new avenues.

    • Mr. Chocolate Salmon says:

      Games with interesting and weird mechanics are the best, in my opinion. I love unique ideas 😀

  4. Pibeex says:

    I’m terrible at Graphics and Music. I’ll do my best to provide something cool this time !

  5. Arowx says:

    Hmm weakspots, Music, PBR Texturing, 3D Characters, Animation, Level Design and arguably Fun!

    Only 2 weeks?!

    • WetDesertRock says:

      Pick the areas (preferably one) which drags your game down the most. For me, I personally think my difficulty curve is the weakest aspect. Of course I have many areas I want to improve, but its the difficulty which makes me not like my games, and make others score them lower.

      If you are only focusing on one aspect 2 weeks should sound like too much (but it isn’t!)

  6. Jani Nykänen says:

    Well, usually I focus on making a polished game with little content and hardly any crazy ideas, so maybe that’s something I could improve. This time I spend two weeks by programming a prototype with a lot of fresh ideas (okay, maybe not fresh, but ideas at least, heh heh) and I don’t even try to get my game finished by the deadline. I do try to finish as much content as possible, but when the time ends, I’ll submit the prototype. There is always time to polish (and continue) my creation afterwards.

    Yeah, that’s a good plan.

  7. Jwatt says:

    It’s a solid theme, the sort of meta-challenge MiniLDs are great for. I won’t have time for this, but good luck to you all.

  8. Mantlair says:

    Oh. Yeah for a miniLD an awesome theme. As i havent done any music for my games before. Ill probably make some musics. B/ Maybe something music based. Oh it looks cool.

  9. Frozen Stick says:

    Huh…Cool idea.
    If I understand it right….we should make a game to improve our weaknesses?
    So I better fire up those graphic designing programs!This is gonna be good!

  10. GoldPlatedXplodingFist says:


    Music my weakness is, hhhmmmm,
    maybe spend time making decent track i should.
    Interesting this miniLD will be.


    Yes, i was talking like Yoda on purpose. :)

  11. Mixer says:

    Hey cool theme desert rock. I won’t be participating; I’m busy with my own game, but I would have loved too. Great idea, we all need to improve our skills in some area, and this is the best way! :)

  12. I want to improve on my storytelling skills, so I’ll make a Twine game during a longer train ride :)

  13. TajamSoft says:

    What a cool theme! Will possibly be making a 3D storytelling game…
    Good luck everybody!

  14. lIiviIl says:

    Hi, I’ve started doing this MiniLD today and spent 7h programming on unity, I will continue tomorrow but you can already play the results here if you want: 😉

  15. Frozen Stick says:

    So when the submissions will start anyways?

  16. Pizzamakesgames says:

    My code is always a giant mess. To improve upon this aspect, I will port my first game to a very restrictive developing environment while optimizing the code as much as I possibly can and also commenting everything in a succinct way. Thanks for this great idea, WetDesertRock!

  17. littlegban says:

    This theme looks awesome! And a great way to start my ludum dare experience. I’m late to the start, but i’m in!

  18. Frozen Stick says:

    Little question:

    Can I submit a game from another jam?I mean…I am making a game for a jam…but also I want to put it here….So can I?Or I should make a different game?

  19. coasterspaul says:

    My weakness is finishing projects. So, for this MiniLD, I have to finish a project?

    I’m liking this already.

  20. bugninja says:

    My games are rarely any fun.

    Wonder what I can do about that???

    • WetDesertRock says:

      Hey! Pretty similar to my weakness. I have issues with fun and difficulty. Basically going to make a game based off of easy to grasp or familiar ideas, and playtest and tune the difficulty a lot.

  21. Exevalon says:

    This’ll be my first Ludum Dare ever. My weakness has been programming, but looks like I’ll be tackling that pretty soon!

  22. avenkat says:

    Well then…
    My weakness is Unity 3D and for this I am going to use it… 😐

  23. thomdabeast says:

    Haven’t completely finished a game before to my standards. This will be my opportunity to show my weakness of not finishing a game on my own!

  24. Sk3letor says:

    This is perfect theme, because my weakness is NOT having a opinion.
    Because it caused a ban from butthurted admin, not gonna say names here but I made art about it:

  25. Mantlair says:

    Doing something simple on game maker because i will not be home on entire submission time. And a friend of mine is doing some pixel art. Idk probably game will be partially unfinished with not so good gameplay. But this for keeping the spirit. (And not wasting a possible all miniLD’s between 2 LD’s combo) Anyways. Good luck everyone.

  26. Arowx says:

    Really enjoyed working on my weakest areas in game development, well lets be honest I have lots of weak areas but I’ve made some progress with animation and rigging 3d characters and had fun doing it.

    I’ve got another update for…

    Take the Beach –

    In the works just little bits here and there so will update that soon (hopefully).

    Great idea and I think it should be a sub-theme for all longer running mini LD’s.

  27. Lokarin says:

    I missed this one.

    Anyone care to help me with my brain logic over here? THEORETICALLY, if I were to do this (and could time travel) I would know exactly what my weakness is… … … Attention Span/Dedication. I am the absolute worst when it comes to code jumping, often with 8 or more projects in the works at once. How would I be able to reflect that?

  28. Optimus6128 says:

    My greatest weakness is procrastination. Shit,. I haven’t even started for the new Ludum Dare 😛

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