MiniLD #60: June 27-29. Theme: Any past Ludum Dare theme!

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Ludum Dare has been around a long time—13+ years! (That’s over three quarters of my life! Not that I’ve known about it all that time, but still.) And soon, thanks to PoV, we’re going to be saying goodbye to this old, clunky website that has served us through so many of them. That, along with MiniLD #60 being a nice round milestoney number, made this seem like the perfect time to look back on our long history and celebrate what Ludum Dare has meant to all of us.

Of course, if you’re new to LD, that shouldn’t stop you from participating. The rules here are simple enough: pick out a theme from any past Ludum Dare event. Whichever one you like! Lists of past themes are linked above. Then, over the last weekend of June, pretend you’re taking part in that past Ludum Dare. I think it would be fun if you stuck to the strict Ludum Dare rules if you pick a full LD’s theme, but hey, I’m not watching.

This presents some interesting opportunities for you. Did a theme give you a great idea during an LD once, but for some reason or another you were unable to participate? Now’s your chance! Did you intend to enter a certain LD, but fail to finish your entry in time? Now you can redeem yourself!

But wait, there’s more!

Challenge Theme: What has Ludum Dare meant to you?

This one’s for the people who’ve been around a little while. I can at least speak for myself when I say that Ludum Dare has really meant something to a lot of people over the years. Why not share with the community what it’s meant to you?

So, if you’d like, create a game that expresses what Ludum Dare has meant to you. It can be something big or small—there’s no right or wrong answer here. Alternatively, you can write a post about it, or even make something in one of those weird non-game mediums! Make anything you want—a thank you note, a story worth sharing, or even some sort of mega post-mortem. We’d love to hear it!

In addition, I’d like to ask a small favor of you. As most of us are aware, PoV has been working full time on the new LD website despite not receiving even half the donations he needs to support himself. If, in your games and posts, you could please link to Mike’s donation page, I would appreciate it. EDIT: Mike says he doesn’t feel right about “getting money for work by others,” so we’ve had this paragraph removed er, strikethroughed. He’s very humble. =)


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Make sure to write what theme(s) you picked in your entry’s description! I look forward to seeing what you’ve come up with.


63 Responses to “MiniLD #60: Let’s Celebrate Ludum Dare!”

  1. WubAlliance says:

    MiniLD HYPE (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ

  2. GoldPlatedXplodingFist says:

    Cool, when does it start and end ? or more speficially when can we start working on our games?

  3. Mantlair says:

    Looks cool. I hope i get some courage and do something.

    • Tim Bumpus says:

      Hey, let me tell you something–you shouldn’t need courage. There’s no contest here, and since this is a MiniLD, I’ll hardly be enforcing any time limit! This is all about having fun and exploring the kinds of things you like to make. Please, listen: don’t be afraid you can’t make a good game. It doesn’t matter whether you make a perfect, polished game, but whether you learn something doing it.

      Good luck with your doing something.

      • Mantlair says:

        Wow! Thanks. I think i will try to learn haxeflixel a bit and do something on it. I was using unity and i wanna try something new now. Thanks again!

  4. Donni11 says:

    I LOVE this theme !! I’m definitely participating :) :) :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Donni11 says:

    Also is there a winner ?

  6. ajayajayaj says:

    Can we start a few hours early?

  7. dcRfj15 says:

    Sounds like fun! I definitely plan on making a submission for this, choosing which one of the themes from past LDs to use will be really hard (there are so many good ones), but hopefully I will have time to get something done 😀

    P.S. I noticed that you were awarded the “Awesome MiniLD Award” today for the awesome theme you came up with, so congrats!

  8. laaph says:

    I’ll be attending a local game jam at the same time! Is there any rules against submitting to both? (I’ll be asking the local game jam people the same question.)

    I’ve done it before, and I’m never sure how much it is cheating to submit the same game to multiple game jams… And I’ll mention^H^H^H^H^H^H loudly point out that they’ve scheduled their game jam on the same weekend as the MiniLD, so maybe we’ll call it the local MiniLD meetup!

  9. Frozen Stick says:

    Awesome!I’m so gonna enter this MiniLD!It’s been a month…I didn’t actually enter the last one due it was just after LD32….Any ways awesome idea!:D
    Hey can we make two games?!The themes are awesome and I can’t really decide which one should I choose…

    • Two games would be great! You could even make one this weekend and the other one the next, maybe. I’m not sure the submission system allows an account to have more than one submission page, but you can easily link to both your games from the same page.

  10. Robber says:

    cool, but how can i find the theme for ludum dare 1 ?

  11. Robber says:

    oh i found it, list of all theme’s:

  12. TajamSoft says:

    Awesome, always wanted to make a game about some old LD themes!
    Going to try a new engine this time, maybe haxeflixel.

  13. Jordan says:

    Great, I’ll definitely try to enter if I have time that weekend. I think “10 Seconds” from LD 27 would be a cool theme to try out.

  14. Javabot says:

    A challange: try to incorprate as many thmes as you can into your game. Some of them pair well such as exploration, underground, and caverns. Others not so much, such as enemies as weapons and It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this! Enter in description how many themes you managed to use!

  15. ReactorScram says:

    Trying to think of something really cool I can do and still keep it in scope. I like these themes.

  16. Jajo says:

    Well, this sounds brilliant. I will do my best to create some sort of exploration game (theme from LD 16) since that’s just the kind of game I like. It might be too easy an option, so I will take on board your additional challenge. Plus, I’ll probably make the game with SFML and C++. I like the library and language, but have never completed a game using either of them. Best of luck to everyone :)

  17. eemmbbeerr says:

    Since I will be spending that weekend separated from my game-making devices by a woefully long distance I went ahead and made it already: hope you don’t mind, dear Organizer.
    Onwards, fellow Ludum Darers! Good luck with your games!

  18. Donni11 says:

    Are we able to start early ?

  19. pixzleone says:

    WTF Is it 13 years!!?? Has been around for 13/14 of my life then xD

    But yaa, I’m in!!

  20. Is doing an October challenge for this acceptable? The game I want to finish totally fits the theme here but I’m not sure that’s kosher.

  21. Chaoseed says:

    Mini-LD #47 was apparently “Humble Beginnings”.

    That sounds like a pretty good theme in a number of ways…Hey, maybe people who have never done LD can start here! :)

  22. refreshgames says:

    Oh yes, I can finally get back to doing the minimalist themed game that I missed out on after getting started on it. Gonna do that then!

  23. Scramasax says:

    Might enter something. Work with my 11 year old. Let him choose the theme.

  24. kastor says:

    Mini LD !

    Finally a good point in time to start Unity

  25. bndwagn_junglst says:

    We are in, we are gonna finish, and we are gonna make this one count.

  26. Jesse_Squire says:

    So getting in on this! What are the chances we can merge themes?

  27. bloramosu says:

    my post is still pending review, and how do I submit my game?
    LD noobie here

  28. dk_fam says:

    Just finished my game! So excited ;3.

  29. PoV says:

    Sorry about the lack of submission form. It’s now added.

  30. JumboDS64 says:

    When do submissions close?

  31. Jordan says:

    Dumb question, but does it end at the beginning of the 29th, or are we allowed to work on the 29th?
    I started late so an exact time would be helpful.

  32. Frozen Stick says:

    So I have a tiny question….Today is the last day of submiting right?Or we have more time?please answer quickly!

  33. fragileannihilator says:

    Please let us submit at least until the end of June!

  34. Jwatt says:

    This seemed like a neat theme.

  35. mohammad says:

    Good way to sendoff from game development. What made us start made us end. It comes full circle. I thank the Ludum Dare community for getting me started, and I only blame myself for quitting. Don’t stay behind for me.

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