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May 20th, 2015 6:23 am

I’m trying to create a “flow” algorithm, like how water and magma flow in Dwarf Fortress.

I’m having a surprisingly(?) difficult time of it…


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  1. rburema says:

    Not really surprising… fluid dynamics [ ] is *not* an easy field.
    Remember the movie Shrek? Apearantly the hardest ‘shots’ in the movie where Lord Farquaad fills a glass of milk and the whole ‘Shrek showers in mud’ scene.

    • Chaoseed says:

      But if I simplify the problem enough, I should be able to create a simulation that is easy to implement yet still has some interesting features.

      At least, that’s what I keep telling myself…


      • rburema says:

        Well it’s certainly a fun subject that plenty of people have played around with (like the Box2d extension linked by the commenter below for example, I like that one). There is inspiration, ideas and code all over the web.

        It’s just that it’s such a textbook example of ‘thing that seems simple on the surface but is actually really complicated’ :-)

        Good luck anyway!

  2. you can take a look on how the guys from google did it over Box2d:

  3. Evergreen Games says:

    Are you trying to make a physics fluid sim, or a tile based sim(water expanding into adjacent tiles)?

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