Zoo Racing – Ratings Breakdown:

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May 12th, 2015 10:50 am

Meepy Moopy Penguins. aand hedgehogs… they’re not exactly zoo animals come to think of it….

So, time to go through my averages again. But, before that:

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Now, down to it.

#190    Graphics    3.74

Top 15%-ish again. I’m okay with that, one day I’ll break the top 100 on this category.

There was a lot of 3d modelling and asset generation there and whilst it could have had more done to it, there would be little to no game left if I spent any more time on it.

#243    Humor    3.33

Not something I focused on so, I’m surprised to appear this high on this category, guess my cutesy voice overs worked nicely enough then :)

#327    Fun    3.33

Glad people had some fun playing it, there was definitely more to be done on this side, what with the game being fairly bare bones at the end of the day.

I’m guessing the environment and sfx saved it a bit from dropping lower.

#357    Overall    3.38

Yup, It’s a barely finished game and it shows.

#419    Audio    2.95

Yup, I still can’t compose the musics for toffee, biscuits or many other snack foods. But at least there were enough varied sfx in there to get into the top 3rd.

#484    Mood    3.00

3.00, Bang on the average. Yeah, feels about right.

#938    Theme    2.74

The theme wasn’t integral to the game but was evident through it. Maybe I should have gone for another game idea on Saturday morning but this one looked like the most fun and challenge to develop in 2 days.

#942    Innovation    2.48

Almost always my weakest area, a 3d cart racer isn’t innovative, nope it isn’t, didn’t expect to rank well in this category.

Post LD?

All in all, will I continue developing it? Possibly. I need to work on a lot of things in order to get one level working and playing as it should, after that it’ll be focusing on designing nice to play levels.

I still feel I’ve got a good basic game here that can be expended on, graphics, animations, player handling, all needs to be worked on though.

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