Some Star Games! ☆

May 12th, 2015 11:22 am

Here’s five games that I played and loved, but that didn’t end up making it to any of the top tens. Hopefully you enjoy them as much as I did!


Wounded by Words

A visual novel about a group of people who get trapped together after an explosion at a shopping mall. Everyone in the group has a distinct character, generally springing from some problem in their lives, and the story is largely about working through their issues. An impressively polished game for 72 hours, and longer than you might expect!


A top down action game, focused on linking enemies together to make them crash into each other. The art is really cute, and it has a strong soundtrack too, but the gameplay is really where this one shines. Running into a group of enemies, dodging their fire, and linking them all together is a real rush, and the dev team have done a good job tuning the game to feel just right!


The only compo game on this list, but one that I feel has enough polish to stand with the big games! Something of a metroidvania platformer, this game is about exploring a large level to collect coloured powerup gems. The only ability the player gets is the power to fly by firing in the opposite direction, which gets stronger as you progress. Some of the platforming can be a bit frustrating, but there’s plenty of possible sequence breaks that reward exploration, and can help out if you’re stuck at one bit.


A simple vector graphics game about rescuing humans from flying saucers. This game doesn’t just bring a retro graphics style, but also gameplay to match. Landing the spaceship is particularly hard, but the whole game feels like an old PC game, and it’s plenty of fun too!

Ultra Hat Dimension

I didn’t come across this one until after judging had finished, but damn, it’s just too cute not to include! A block pushing puzzle, with the twist that if you’re not wearing the right hat, the blocks will instead push you! Everything about this game is cute, and though the difficulty spikes once you reach the second floor, a bit of extra observation makes it possible to solve all the puzzles without trial and error.

Finally, I’d love to give a huge shoutout to everyone who worked hard rescuing games with under 20 votes, especially OadT and Tselmek. Without you some great games would have missed out on ratings, including the jam’s runner up! Thanks for your hard work, everyone!

2 Responses to “Some Star Games! ☆”

  1. yuigoto says:

    Springtime Warfare was a blast to play, adorable and beautiful! If it wasn’t your post, I wouldn’t have seen this game! :3

    Thank you! :)

  2. GFM says:

    Thanks for all your comments during the rating period and for adding my game to the list. Your comments meant a lot for me! :)

    Next time, I’ll give my all to make a great, difficult AND accessible game! The high difficulty is part of my game’s charm, and I really prefer it more difficult… Let’s see how that work out…

    On the mean time, I’ll make a post-compo version (as soon as I finish refactoring my lib). And I’ll be sure to remember of your comments!! =D

    Thank you a lot!!

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