Ice Story Results

May 12th, 2015 3:01 am


If I go by the voting results, I’m apparently getting worse at gamemaking. Slight improvement on Fun and audio.

This makes no sense to me, as Ice Story is my most fun game yet. Getting the same results even though I’ve improved a ton is very counter-intuitive and disappointing. I was quite proud and thought about developing further. Now I’m not so sure (but still proud of it!)

I made a post compo version based on the feedback and uploaded on Newgrounds. People hated it even more.
Anyway, good show everyone, hope you had fun

Coolness 87% #34

Graphics(Jam) 4.54 #42

Audio(Jam) 4.02 #123

Mood(Jam) 3.70 #124

Overall(Jam) 3.77 #187

Fun(Jam) 3.55 #397

Humor(Jam) 3.12 #511

Innovation(Jam) 3.10 #640

Theme(Jam) 3.18


6 Responses to “Ice Story Results”

  1. CptDustmite says:

    I had a similar feeling. I thought my new entry was better than my old one in some categories, but it actually did worse in some. I wouldn’t let the voting results stop you from developing it further though, you got a tonne of good feedback :)

  2. Christina Antoinette Neofotistou says:

    I agree about feedback. I got good *and* very helpful feedback. Hm do you think good feedback is easier to give than stars?

  3. Carduus says:

    Hey Chistina!
    Keep in mind that your ranking depends also on other entries, new challengers, number of votes etc.
    Having a lowest ranking than L31 doesn’t mean that your game is not as good as the precedent, it may be explain by good entry of other challengers. And i have to admit that the Ludum Dare quality level is getting awesome that’s why it’s harder to get a nice ranking.

  4. Carduus says:

    Christina* Sorry, i’m writing like a crap :p

  5. Chaoseed says:

    Have you, perhaps, been able to watch anyone play it? Maybe most players aren’t really…getting the idea, or something. From my perspective, I played the one on Newgrounds, it seemed like it took a lot of work to actually do anything in the game. Like, first you have to mash the button to freeze an enemy, THEN you have to dash into them (with accompanying thoughts of “wait which is the dash button again”), THEN you have to carry them to the portal. AND you have to do each one of these steps BEFORE the enemy thaws or else you have to start all over. And you have to avoid the other enemies and hazards as well. And that’s just ONE enemy, there are multiple enemies in each stage. So…It seems like it takes a lot of effort to make any progress!

  6. gillenew says:

    I also do not take good notes in these ludum dare, actually took the best notes in my first participation. 😀

    I remember that I was angry before, but not now, now I’m very calm. Feedback from players is VERY good, and helps me a lot time to polish the game and now I can create better things. But your game was pretty cool, and I believe that the notes were not the best but the experience is always added.

    kiss in the heart

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