Results for Ludum Dare 32

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May 11th, 2015 9:42 pm

Kicking off 2015 with a bang, here are the results:

How did I do?

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Congratulations to all the winners.

Category Winners

Here at Ludum Dare, being the best overall game isn’t the only way to win. Games are rated in 7 additional categories, with a special “Coolness” category highlighting people that went above and beyond to be sure you got a vote.

Categorical Top 25’s:

*NOTE*: You can click on the titles of the categories for Top 100 lists per category.

Thanks again everyone for making Ludum Dare great!

– Mike Kasprzak (PoV)

35 Responses to “Results for Ludum Dare 32”

  1. doitle says:

    How do you break through to 100% coolness? I got 98% so I may have been close. Also any where to see how many total games were submitted?

  2. Seems to basically be over 100 games rated, more or less? I failed the last couple of LDs and got busy / lazy. Will rate more next time for sure.

  3. cowboycolor says:

    WOW number 17th in the overall for the Jam! Our goal was to make it in the top 100, so this is mindblowing! Thank you everyone, and congratulations on another successful dare!

  4. Got #32 in overall jam, now is that an omen or something? Actually pleased with the results!

  5. YarharALC says:

    Placing #26 in humor was a shock. I am working on two things in addition to school, the post-compo version of Spudcannon on the bottom of my list. This is a kick in the rear. Wow. I’m amazed.

  6. wg_phancock says:

    Wow, #20 in the jam! We were just shooting for top 100 so very happy with that result.

    The amazing thing to me is that I ended up playing and rating maybe only 10-15% of the top 100 games! There were soooo many submitted; I’ll definitely have to catch up with the others I missed.

    Thanks to everyone who voted!

  7. Jwatt says:

    The compo winner seems underwhelming this time. You just throw or slap with pillows and, uhh, that’s about it. No levels, no strategy, with clumsy controls to boot. Anyone want to defend that one?

    But good job to people who made interesting games, whether they got acknowledged or not.

  8. Frenchie says:

    Does anyone know where to find the number of games submitted this LD? (And last LD?)

  9. DKoding says:

    It would be interresting to get a ‘top Xth percentile’ rating for all of us who did not rate in the top 25 of any category.

  10. DKoding says:

    2821 total submissions…. according to wikipedia…

  11. Miziziziz says:

    hah, made it 4th in innovation, wonder if I’ll ever beat my first LD, where I got 3rd

  12. hexdie says:

    I’m seriously overwhelmed with how well my entry did! This was my first Ludum Dare and game jam in general, and I got within the top 50 overall (And top 25 in fun). I’m super happy with my results! 😀

  13. Congratulations to all the winners! There are a lot of truly fantastic titles in this Ludum Dare! As always we are honored to play and cover your games. See you in Season 5 of Ludum Dare to Believe!

  14. brucethebruce says:

    I thought compo games had to post source code (

  15. SpringCabal says:

    Since some people asking for the number of entries, you can see them all 2821 here: ,
    as well as the 1468 Jam ( and 1353 Compo ones (
    Although I’m not sure if all these got a rating (some might’ve had <20 votes).

    PS: I kinda think it would be cool to display the ratings we have cast, in order to compare the way we have voted with the average ratings games got (if that data is still available).

  16. Squeka says:

    Wow, I got #18 Innovation(Jam) and 100% Cool. Thank you very much, everyone!
    Also, congratulation for all the top participants!
    I hope I can participate again in the future, especially to push the potential of pdf games within its many limitation.

  17. NekuSoul says:

    My first time and #10 overall Compo entry and 100% Coolness? That certainly went much better then expected and rating all those games was certainly very interesting. Already looking forward to the next one!

  18. Sublustris says:

    #945 Theme 2.72 …… :( i’m shocked….

    • Olias says:

      I get you man. Your game was one of the first I played, and I still think that it deserved more than this. Being that little girl in the middle of a violent battlefield, using the helicopter as your partener while still being under his threat was a brillant idea.

      But two things explain your disapointing rating:
      – The game is hard, in an unfair way. Sometimes you will end up stuck because the chopper destroyed the environment in the wrong way and you won’t be able to do anything about it.
      – Just like my entry, people didn’t understand the relation with the theme. I guess most of them want to use the weapon directly…. So the twist is limited (haha shooting potatoes…) .

  19. TwiiK says:

    Is it possible for me to still see what I rated other people’s games? Or would I have had to saved that information somewhere myself?

    It would be really interesting to compare how I rated a game compared to their final score. I get the feeling I’m much more critical than the average Ludum Dare voter. :p

  20. Orava says:

    Are individual ratings available somewhere? I believe there was a separate comment field attached, which is why I’m wondering.

  21. fragileannihilator says:

    What does TIE near the position numbers stand for? I noticed that a lot of games share the same positions…

  22. Zarkith says:

    I calculated the average % of how my game did in all categories and got around 30.2% (Approximately #408 out of all 1353 compo entries)

    Even though I didn’t get close to top 100 in any category, I’m still more than happy with my results, not only as it was my first Compo entry, but also because it’s a board game.

    …pretty sure like half of the votes I got didn’t even play the game though. >_>

  23. I never won a medal before. THIS IS SO COOL!!!!!!!
    Thank you everyone ^-^

  24. thristhart says:

    Holy crap, #1 in both theme and innovation! Thank you so much to everyone who tried WHISTLE COMMAND out!

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