New random idea for improving rating quality

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May 11th, 2015 2:44 pm

Just writing to share a random idea that came to my mind thinking about the rating system.
There are some inspiring ones that provide you with rich and constructive reviews, to all of these, thank you for making the world a better place.
Nothing against those that do not write reviews. It’s ok, as long as you play the game in all its details and give a fair rating.

But the problems start with those who give quick random votes to get more ratings to their own game. This is a real problem that can throw the whole score system to trash. Of course Ludumdare (IMHO) is about you and the game that your create, but the score is a cool part of it.

So the idea: The only way to rate a game is with a token, written in a text field in rating page. This could be provided by the game author, registered in entry page and displayed at some point inside the game where he/she thinks is a good place to qualify a full play. Of course one could give away the token from start (or better yet, have an option on entry page to disable token system). Later, this token could also be randomly generated from LD servers (bye KISS), fetched by the game to ensure an unique rating session.

Thank you all for another great LD, see you in LD 33.

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