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May 11th, 2015 5:32 pm

I didn’t want to go with another “kill ’em all in a funny way’ so i decided to make the game the zen way:

After coming up the stairs from the cellar you find your building occupied by brutal aggressors. But instead of waking your inner Chuck Norris you decide to heed the Dalai Lama’s advice and pacify them with a smile.
I mean literally.

Due to some family business i had to attend to i didn’t have enough time to spend on this idea, so i went for the jam, but that only bought me a few hours more as it was monday and stuff had to be done. The game still was not even close to what i thought it could look like.

So now i finally got around to add some asal to the post-compo version of ‘Compassionate action’ that i wanted to have in the first place (e.g. filters, the inapt designers secret gfx sauce).

Befor i couldn’t really implement the visual style that i had in mind, also the viewport of the game was too wide, you could see way too much to be interesting, but with the added honey this works way better, it is almost enjoyable. It comes a lot closer to what i envisioned.

It is still not exactly what i had in mind gfx wise, but when does that ever happen. It would be nice to have had more background gfx still, but thats something for later maybe.

See the before:


and after:



All in all i am very content, i learned a lot, again, and that is what it is really about, to learn how to do what you love, and then one day, maybe, make a real game that is addictive and fun to play :)

So check out the JAM entry version and vote on it, or see the POST-JAM version to get a feeling for what i was going for.

goeth forth and codeth


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