Dischord Post-Mortem

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May 11th, 2015 2:45 pm

Hello fellow ludumites,

5 hours or so to go until the ball drops on LD32, thought I’d write something up as a post mortem for the game we made. I think normally I’d of written this up a day or two after we finished the game but this time was kind of different. A lot of post-mortem’s focus on what mistakes we made, our failures and short-comings, but (and i’m hesitant to say this) the process of creating the game this time was pretty smooth. You could say maybe we didn’t push ourselves hard enough, but I’d say that’s probably always true.

The game has it’s flaws, and small design choices made the game a little worse than it could have been. That’s not really the point of LD for me though. I’d never expect to have a product i’m happy with after 3 days, hell most of the time I’m not happy after years of production. The point is we made something, and anyone that can say they even attempted that should be happy with themselves.

I’m mostly proud of how much we’ve grown as a team. To try and grow as an individual; to become better at drawing, or coding, or playing music is something most of us do out of instinct. Growing as a team, learning to communicate and accommodate for one another isn’t as obvious, but it’s just as important and achievable. I think we’ve taken a step forward in that regard, still far from perfect.

Our biggest weakness now is reaching out to the public. We dipped our toes by playing LD submissions on Twitch, it was a lot of fun. I think LD could be a really good way to practice marketing in the future. To try and sell a 3 day game, get it “let’s played” and maybe written about, it’d be an interesting part of the dare.

With that, i’m looking forward to the next one.

Play Dischord Here

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