Save the Games!

May 10th, 2015 9:45 am

There’s still a lot of games out there that need a few extra votes, but here’s five of my personal favourites that still haven’t reached the needed threshold.

A la lumiere d’hiver (14 votes, Windows): An atmospheric first person game, with a bit of a horror touch. Hold down the mouse button to close your eyes so you can look away from the screens!

Sticks N Stones (12 votes, Windows/OSX/Linux): A simple comedy game with visuals and sound effects that suit it perfectly. Use insults as your weapon of choice!

Bob’s Got A Cold (17 votes, Windows/OSX): Something of a silly little game, but with excellent voice acting! It goes to show how much good audio can do for a game!

Crystal Ball Chaos (16 votes, Windows): Something between a puzzle game and an action game. Drag the ball and release to clear the blocks. The difficulty is a little wonky, but there’s a lot of interesting ideas here!

Exhaust (8 votes, Web): Vector graphics, and the difficulty to match. This game really reminded me of playing old games as a kid. Just be careful when you try to land your rocket!

If you’ve found any wonderful games that haven’t met their rating score yet, let me know in the comments.

Good rating, everyone!

3 Responses to “Save the Games!”

  1. OadT says:

    I rated all games except A la lumière d’hiver. I couldn’t do anything, I just saw this crazy red/write intro screen, any tips? :)

    • RockhopperGames says:

      You have to hold down the left mouse button to blink. It doesn’t realy explain it, but the screens force you to look at them until you close your eyes. Hope that fixes it!

      • OadT says:

        Thanks, I just clicked the mouse button! Also thanks for the list, these are some interesting entries. Also nice to see you are also trying to help others getting enought results :)

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