Our team was not really excited by the theme of an “unconventional weapon”. The first ideas were about conventional weapons like guns versus un-conventional weapons like nukes and sarin gas. A big food fight also seemed like a good idea, so I announced it here (more food fight RTS art at: http://blubberquark.tumblr.com/tagged/food-fight-rts).

While the food idea sounds funny, it was also really really obvious. In order to stand out between all the food shooters, we needed to do something different. After some brainstorming we decided on Tetris stones as a weapon. Unlike food, this idea is not only a funny re-skinning of the weapons of an existing game. Weaponizing adds new mechanics and dynamics to an old puzzle game.

The end result was  Tetrominions.

During rating, I found that there really are lots of games that just use food or conventions as the theme. Although many interpreted the theme similarly, it is not that monotonous: Games with the same take on the theme often have drastically different gameplay.


  •  Bubble Becky (platformer)
  • Candy Factory (economy simulation)
  • Run, Jump, Deliver (platformer)
  • Banana Nana (zeldalike)
  • The Cheeseburgermogrifier (top-down shooter)

Un-Conventional (The other meanings of Convention)

  • Negotiation Tactics (ecomomy/political simulation)
  • Cosplay Chase (stealth/action)
  • Bioterrorism (turn based tactics)
  • The N.I.D Project (stealth/adventure?)
  • Nuclear Autumn (metroidvania)


  • Suprématie de l’amour (real time strategy)
  • Hug Arena (top-down hug-em-up?)
  • Power of the Flower (shooter)


  • Billy McMath (quick-time-event visual novel)
  • TypeFighter (sidescrolling typing shooter)
  • What They Want to Hear (typing?)


  • Banana Nana (zeldalike)
  • B000merang (action?)


  • This Fart of Mine (one-button)
  • Unconventional George (top-down shooter)

Of these games, I think the best take on the theme was Bubble Becky. Chewing gum is not usually a weapon, but the game used chewing gum not just instead of bullets, but emphasized the unconventional stickyness that gums up the robots.

Not in the list of common themes is Quiet Riot. I think this game has the most unconventional interpretation of the theme. Go play it!

I am curious to hear what you think about themes and their obviousness. Did you like the theme? Did you like what others made of it? Dis you find more or less variety compared to the last LD?

2 Responses to “Recurring themes in the interpretation of the theme”

  1. tmpxyz says:

    A great summary.

    Alas, I hope to see a bigger picture. If LD could add tag system like Steam, then it might be easier for someone to make a spider to auto collect and analyse the data on theme and genre.

    Maybe we would have found some more interesting facts from that data. =)

  2. rburema says:

    I forgot to thank you for the award :-)

    On topic: While most games went for ‘the weapon’ as something beneficial to the player, I really liked the few that had the unconventional weapon(s) as something that is not directly under your control, or even antagonistic to the player. At least speaking theme-wise. Actual fun is not (always) related of course.

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