Post Mortem of a missed entry

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May 10th, 2015 10:25 am

My compo entry was unfinished, and my 4 “unconventional weapons” were not implemented. But all is not bad, and like always with this type of challenge, participating is already a win.
At start, I was not very inspired by the theme. But my main goal was to create something in 2D and use what I’ve learn with the excellent tutorials from Chris Hildenbrand of 2D game Art for Programmers.
While looking at the Unity standard Assets 2D package, I’ve thought that a 2D platformer game could a good idea. My taste for smileys and robots has defined the protagonists of the game. The idea about weapons came from a vision of poor smileys in slavery, kept by oppressive robots and forced to do ungrateful tasks. Of course, they need a rebellion, and they could use only what they have for weapons, bakery ingredients, in the case of our hero:
– Honey pot : could stick robots in place.
– Floor bag : could blind robots.
– Oil bottle : should make robots slip.
– Pot of water : should shortcut robots if they stay enough time on it.
With all these ideas in mind, I’ve started to work on the main character.

What went good:

  • I was very happy to draw and animate the main character. With my skills, the result was hard to obtain, but very cheerful.
  • The projectile launch, animation and bursting was again hard to obtain, but very near what I’ve initially expected.


What went wrong:

  • The TIME ! Tired by a week of software engineering at my day job, I enjoyed so much the art part of my weekend game that I have forgotten the coding part.
    Like someone said in a comment about my entry, you have to “Kill your Darlings”. So start by doing the core part of the game, and then, prettify it if you can.
  • The robot were only added a couple of hours before the end of the compo!
  • There is no sound, nor music.
  • No menu, no goal, no score, no levels …etc.


The conclusion depend of your mood. For a Ludum Dare Compo entry, I clearly missed the goal. But for a busy worker, married and father of 3 children who don’t have the time he wants for his personal projects, It’s a victory.
I’m now sure I can enjoy the art part of my projects, and with the good resources, I know that I can obtain decent graphics for my needs. I’m also convinced that with my limited artistic skills, it is easier to obtain decent graphic artworks with vector tools than with bitmap, particularly if I follow the Chris Hildenbrand lessons.
2015-05-10 test
PS: sorry for my bad English, like for artworks, I try to improve myself 😉

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