I’ve rated lot’s of games this LD. Maybe too much, but I had so much fun playing all those unfinished titles :)


The game I’ve made (Ageless Machine: Cup of Tea) was mostly misunderstood, as I’ve made the gameplay too long (20-30 minutes). If you haven’t played that game, it’s some sort of a pessimistic puzzle adventure about determinism. Many people stopped playing after 3 minutes and then accused me of not following the theme.

I followed the theme. Just finish the game.

The confusion is probably the worst thing on this game. Since I’m not a graphic designer, I made very  primitive graphics, that made the game even more confusing.

29167-shot1-1429479916.png-eq-900-500 29167-shot3-1429479916.png-eq-900-500

People complained it’s hard to distinguish what’s on the screen, etc.. They may be right. I do shitty graphics.

Lot’s of people got stuck on some particular puzzle. That forced me to make this walkthrough, which solves all the ‘riddles’:

Eventually, I even wrote this article to explain thoroughly the story. I hope that if someone is interested in the game, I made sufficent materials to make him happy :)

The game overall became way too ambitious (I found that after about 20 hrs of working), but there was no going back. Feel free to make your own opinion on the game and let me know :)

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