Just thought I’d take the opportunity to do a shameless plug for our own game, as well as a smattering of others that I found to be interesting.


Oi you!  Go vote on our game! It’s called Zero Point and its got nice glowy vectors and you fling things at bad guys, if that’s your cup of tea.

A Small List Of Other LD32 Games I Like So I Feel Less Guilty For Posting Just To Plug My Game

Rhythm Gunner by DDRKirby(ISQ) – A very cool Super Crate Box style action platformer with rhythm elements. You go around picking up various absurd weapons, which require you to fire them in time to the music, with a different rhythm pattern for each weapon. It’s difficult to keep track of avoiding enemies and the rhythm at the same time, but its so satisfying when it goes right. A very well executed entry with solid presentation, and bloody excellent chipmusic which reminds me a lot of Souleye’s VVVVVV soundtrack.

Slam Jam Bakery by DragonXVI – Another action platformer. You run around an airship destroying it from the inside by shooting jam all over the place. Very solid pixel art and a nice CRT-style shader gives the game a slick retro look. The fluid dynamics of the jam are impressive too. The soundtrack is also fantastic, and has kind of a tracker mod sound to it. But aside from the presentation, the game is just fun to play. Gumming up the works with jam is satisfying. The jam gun can be used to propell yourself upwards as well, which is a nice extra use for the main mechanic. Good stuff overall.

You Can Shave The Baby by Chikun Dev Team – A hilarious and surreal collection of minigames, in the style of Warioware. A bunch of very simple minigames fly at you one after the other, and you pretty much keep powering through them until you inevitably mess up three times. The minigames include the titular shaving of a baby, buttering up who appears to be Colin Mochrie in a bath, and cutting a pizza in the shape of some pants, to name but a few. It’s a bizarre game, and a refreshing departure from the norm. I’m still not entirely sure what the unconventional weapon is. I guess its Colin’s super hot bod. :p

So feel free to enjoy those games, and equally importantly, go enjoy our game. Or at least try to. Good luck with your results everyone!

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