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May 7th, 2015 6:17 am


Does anyone know how many ratings you need before you game is placed on the final rankings.


Also please play Legend of the Barber and leave a comment,if you do I’ll play your entry asap.


Greetings Lucas

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  1. JoshuaBurr says:

    I think it is 20 votes

  2. KunoNoOni says:

    Yes it is 20 votes.

  3. DarkGrisen says:

    What… I’ve heard it’s 40. Can you say where to read about it instead of giving numbers?

  4. sorceress says:

    It’s actually set at 17, but it’s a per category requirement.

    No amount of votes will guarantee you qualify in any one category, since you don’t know which categories voters have left blank.

    But statistically speaking, with 25 votes there’s enough of a cushion that you can expect to qualify in all categories.
    With only 20 votes, you can expect to qualify in most categories, but maybe not all.

  5. FrederickK says:

    I have voted 50 but after the 38th I stopped receiving votes and I have a feeling that my game isn’t showing up to nobody anymore at rate page.
    It is just for me or it suppose to work like that?

    • sorceress says:

      Firstly, there are diminishing returns on coolness. Beyond 25 coolness you can expect less than one vote back for each vote you cast.

      Secondly, even if you only deserve one more vote back, showing up on the rating page will normally get a few votes at once, so possibly OVERpaying you.

      Hopefully you can see the combined effect: you oscillate between periods of vote-debt and vote-credit. The periods of vote-debt get bigger and bigger as you get more coolness.

      For example, you could rate a dozen games and see nothing in return. So you rate a couple more games and suddenly it swings, and you’ll find yourself getting six more votes in return.

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