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May 7th, 2015 2:57 pm

Here we go…this type of question, please take it lightly. xD’

My question is about the games that appear at the “play and rate games”. They aren’t suppose to be kind random? o.0

I knew that rating games would make my game appear my often forĀ other people, but my rate page didn’t change very much for each time I went… is it really suppose to be this way?


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  1. nassi says:

    When you have very few ratings, each point of coolness will give you a huge boost to your default value, but the amount of coolness required goes up after every new rating you receive. After getting 50 ratings your default will always match the amount of ratings you have despite your coolness value. The amount of coolness required to stay on the front page near 50 ratings is pretty damn high anyways. Closer to a 100 than to 50 I think.

    Just rate as many games as possible as early as possible. You could also try advertising your game on the front page in the form of a post mortem or something.

  2. Cheshyr says:

    Default Play and Rate page is sorted by the D values, which is an equation that roughly related to your Coolness rating and how many games your game has received. The lower D values show up first on your personal Play and Rate list. Additionally, any game you’ve already rated is removed from your Play and Rate list.

    Rate more games, gives you more ‘Coolness’, and adjusts your D value downward. Receive more ratings on your game, and your D rating starts moving back up. D rating stops adjusting downward after you’ve rated 100 games, but will continue to adjust upwards as more people rate your game.

    In general, I rate 100 games, and try to leave meaningful comments on each one. I’ve found people tend to rate your game back if you leave a useful comment.

  3. FrederickK says:

    Guys, I get it, so I was correct, thank you very much for the answers!
    This make me ask another question, isn’t this kind bad because games that are between low rated and high coolness get ignored?
    I think that this system would work better with few entries, but with more than 2k entries this sounds kind unfair, those who have average coolness are basically in a “dead zone” and having to rely or on much more ratings, or other ways to promote their games. Which is ok, it would happen in a way or another, just wish wasn’t THAT important. :\

    • nassi says:

      It tries to ensure that anyone making the effort of rating at least some games will get the required 17 votes per category to be judged in that category.

      Even if it makes it quite hard to get visibility after a lot of ratings I think it’s a good system, since you can get some extra ratings by leaving thorough comments on the games you rate.

      • FrederickK says:

        I didn’t say it was bad, I’m saying that, in my opinion, it could be better.
        The idea that I’m suggesting is that instead it straight presenting to you the games in order of the scores, it just use this score to prioritize, randomizing which time you load the page, IF I AM NOT MISTAKEN, this would be similar to the system Greenlight uses.
        Another reason, in case of ties, which with so much games, I suppose it happens a lot, it would give all those entries with similar scores equal chances. For example, if I’m correct, the current system has an order of games that will show, so let’s say that 100 games have the same score. So, assuming that you can see just one game with that score, to you be able to see at the rate page the 100th game you have to play all 99 games that have the same score before and what I’m suggesting is that those 100 games have equal chance to appear in that slot every time you load the page.
        Maybe I didn’t express myself correctly, I agree with you, the fact that it has this intricate system at least gives a chance to everybody receive votes and some comments, that otherwise would likely not happen. A suggestion is just a suggestion. xD

  4. Cheshyr says:

    Honestly, I think its a pretty fair system, since it encourages more than minimal participation in the judging process after the event. Everyone wants to receive votes, so they vote on others peoples submissions in kind. It does favor those who start judging early, but even now the D rating ate in the high 40s, so getting to 100 coolness will make your game very visible if it has a low rating count.

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