Bubbles and Slugs Retrospective!

Posted by of Infiverse Representitive (twitter: @chaoslab)
May 7th, 2015 8:42 pm

Hello fellow entrants.  Here is a small retrospective of my Bubbles and Slugs submission.

Good things

  • First completed arcade entry.
  • Felt like I delivered a complete game and I am still playing it.
  • Just kept moving (even if you don’t like the theme or things are going slowly).
  • Stuck to core simple concepts, just get some bubbles and slugs up and about.
    Then gave them something to eat and something to eat them!
  • The most relax Ludum I have had.

Things to work on

  • Check for stability on machines that have never had any develop applications installed.
  • Making something with more content next time (Only 8 levels).
  • Would of nice to have the game playable earlier.

Skipped Best Practice
Even though it did not matter in the end I did not follow some of my standard advice,  such as…

  • Push momentum early and get it playable asap. (not playable till the last 24 hours)
  • General design on paper and have an overall plan. (two pages of sparse notes)
  • Do / Code the game only.  Just keep pushing hard. (some leisure time in first 2 days).
  • Work through most of that final night (slept as normal).

Unexpected things learned
Themes can be a pain and if they are just make fun of it! Joke and laugh at it.  Pretty soon you will have something to work with that amuses you.

Regardless of pace things worked out in the end.


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