There’s been a couple of weeks since Ludum Dare 32 now, and finally I’ve managed to write this summary of the event.
During April 18-19 about 15 people got together at the Real World Gathering at Isotop in Stockholm, who let us use the office during the weekend (and also sponsored us with breakfast, dinner and snacks/coffee) to build games around the theme “An Unconventional Weapon”.

Real World Gathering participants having a short demo after dinner day one.

Real World Gathering participants having a short demo after dinner day one.

The event went really well. We got several people who competed for the first time, and even two visitors all the way from Denmark!!!
Not everyone managed to submit a game for the deadline, some teamed up together to build an entry for the jam, and we also had a few guys who worked on non-LD projects (two different VR-projects, and one demo-scene engine), but in this post I’ll cover the entries that actually got submitted. Enjoy!


Caffeine Rush, by Tommislav

I’ll start with my own entry. Made with Unity. A 2.5d platformer where you fight your way through hostile robots using only a cup of coffee. Soundtrack made by my friend Steve, and I got some last minute help with sound effects from Nilstastic.


Cake Wars! by Dreadzilla

Built with Dart. A top down space shooter where you are represent the healthy side in the struggle between Fruit and Sweets. Make me think of my dentist when I was a kid, trying hopelessly to persuade me the “fruit is candy”.


An Unconventional Weapon, by Hypp

Build with phaser.
Great outrun-feeling… only in a really old and crappy car, on a bumpy road. With some kind of parrott-spree… Love the graphics on this one, and especially the animation on the wind in the hair =D


The Path of Least Resentment, by Martin Vilcans

A Unity entry from our LD-veteran with his typical (fantastic) sense of humour.
You have to use the weapon of education to prevent our children turning into terrorists. Be careful, as soon as they will always take the path of least resentment, and becoming a terrorist is the first thing you do if you’re just a bit bored.


Conquer and consume, by Nilq

This Unity game was made by a jam team consisting of two young guys from Denmark and one Swede. It is a FPS where you use regular weapons in an unsusual way. You throw them! at the gingerbread men that are chasing you. And then you eat them.



Ted, by Frozzare

This was Fredriks, also from Isotop, second attempt with Haxe, and first try with Haxepunk. Also first time to actually submit! Avoid the dots and shoot pac mans.
Looking forward to see more Ludum Dare entries from Fredrik in the future!


Great thanks to Isotop who sponsored the event! And also sending some love to the people who struggled but didn’t manage to submit in time. Keep attending to more Ludum Dares! I hope to see more games from you all in the future!

-Tommy Salomonsson

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  1. dreadzilla says:

    It was a lot of fun and thanks to the organizers! I hope we will meet again at a future Ludum Dare!

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