You can do more in 48h than in 3 weeks.

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May 7th, 2015 3:10 pm

Right, so I tried to make a post compo version of NOPAEW with more levels and features and bosses and fun. But… I had too many ideas and too little time. So i’m not done. Also more games need rating. For the time being here’s a gameplay video for you to enjoy if you’re into that sort of thing (or you don’t like difficult games… (like me ;-))

Also, some things I learned:

  • Minimalistic pixel art is well received.
  • It helps to choose a genre that needs no explanation and play with its conventions, there is still a lot of innovation possible.
  • Should not try to implement elevator-platforms… total waste of time.
  • People are very particular about jumping mechanics being “right” (gravity vs constant speed, inertia vs instant response, overall movement speed, …). Still need to research that some more.
  • Enemies/Creeps/Trash can be pretty standard and still be fun. There are a ton of simple ideas what make for fun combat.
  • 1-hit deaths are easily frustrating, should always allow the player a second chance e.g. via double-tap death, companion swap, power-up loss, or some such thing (Mario had Yoshi and mushrooms, Samus had hitpoints (meh).
  • Test all platforms and not release the ones that can’t be tested on faith.
  • A smaller hit-box is always appreciated.
  • Script execution order can be different on different platform builds, should always make sure dependencies are explicit.
  • Others have better ideas.
  • Jumping and Explosions are like bacon and gravy.
  • Everything you put in your game can be misunderstood as either a bug, a feature, bad design or good design.
  • If there is a clever way, there should also always be an obvious/brute-force way.

That much for now. More later. Maybe.

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