Well honestly I planned to add in a lot of features but I am just burned out and am beginning to hate my own game now. Time to stop and just put out a more well polished version of GSBoD. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed working on this game and I’m proud of what I have done, but it has to end somewhere.

First of all, still on windows, not much I can do with that. Keyboard controls but no controller support as my controller at home is broken so I was unable to test the controls…

Second, the game now runs ONE MILLION TIMES FASTER!!! Well not really but at  least twice as fast, which makes a huge difference.

Play the new version of my game.

and while you are there don’t hesitate to play my LD version for comparison.

*Shameless self promotion (^__^) *


I would like to thank everyone who has played, rated my game and left  some very nice and encouraging comments! This was my first Ludum Dare and I will definitely be coming back for next time, rain or shine! Now here are a few gifs of my work in progress from the start of the Ludum Dare to now.


My first time using GameMaker’s physics engine

The gif used for my finished LD version of the game


The new enemy I added Post LD



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