miniLD #59: Swapshop

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May 5th, 2015 5:11 am


MiniLD #59: ends May 31st. Theme: ‘Swap’

MiniLD #59 is over! Download an archive of all the spritesheets here

Download this spritesheet:


Redraw it however you like but keep it 128×128 pixels. Use it to make any kind of game you want. Towards the end of the jam, we all swap spritesheets, which means you have no idea what your game will end up looking like! doesn’t have a tidy way of facilitating swapping the spritesheets, so I’ve set up a simple submission form at

More details:

  • If you can’t make a game, you can still submit a spritesheet for someone else to use at
  • You can draw your sheet however you like. I recommend 16×16 pixel cells, but you can do whatever you want. Just remember that if someone’s game expects 16×16 sprites and yours are a different size, things are going to look (hopefully hilariously) wrong.
  • Only PNG files are accepted for technical reasons (and the easiest way to get transparency working).
  • You can download a random sprite sheet (at runtime if you like) from
  • I’ll post an archive of all the submitted images at some point, so your game can cycle between all the spritesheets or something fun
  • Submitted images get random filenames. If you want everyone to know that you made a given spritesheet, you can put your name in the spritesheet somewhere.

Usual miniLD rules apply, whatever those are.


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111 Responses to “miniLD #59: Swapshop”

  1. Zarkith says:

    Are we allowed to submit multiple spritesheets?

  2. hexdie says:

    This is a really cool idea!

  3. Weloxux says:

    Do we have to do the same “sort of” sprites? As in, will the top-left always be some character, and the bottom left always something similar to glass?

    • voxel says:

      You’re welcome to draw whatever you like! I strongly recommend keeping the bottom half for tiles and the top for ‘sprites’, but do whatever you want :)

      • Weloxux says:

        Alright, cool. Will you have some time at the end of the jam to make sure the spritesheet you got fits though? I can imagine getting completely wrong sprites, and wanting to fix that.

  4. GoldPlatedXplodingFist says:

    Hmm, this is a really intresting idea, GLaD that i’ll be getting to do lots of pixel art and will probably make more than one sheet.
    Would it be cheating to manipulate the colors of the pixels in my games code after i load them ?
    – – – C[:]

  5. RyanNielson says:

    It’d probably be nice if this original spritesheet had a transparent background instead of the off-white that it has now.

  6. Dejvo says:

    superb idea. when does it start?

  7. RobotHoboDanceParty says:

    Very cool idea! Count me in. ^___^

  8. Lokarin says:

    I absolutely adore this concept – Ima go full tryhard mode for this one

  9. vini60 says:

    One question, I do need to use that spritesheet. But can I make my own aditional content?

    • voxel says:

      do whatever you like. this is a miniLD, rules are fairly relaxed. It’d be nice if the spritesheet featured in your game somehow, but you can use as many other or as few other assets as you like

  10. Chaoseed says:

    Hmmm. Maybe I could make a game that downloads a sprite sheet at runtime, then it would allow players to rate how well the spritesheet works with my game, storing the ratings in a database on my website. Then the players could see a list of spritesheets sorted by ratings, so they could see the ones that work best (or worst!) with my game…

    (That kind of thing would probably be easier than actually figuring out a fun game that would use these sprites 😛 )

  11. CiderPunk says:

    we should do sound sets too!

  12. Tijn says:

    Can you use other graphics besides the spritesheet?

  13. kaype says:

    Awesome! I’m totally in.

    I don’t totally get the concept though… We make a game with our own spritesheet (based off of the one shown in the post) and then pull a random image at runtime whenever it’s done to ‘swap’ them? Because if that’s what it is then I’m totally down.

    Will begin whenever I wake up.

    • voxel says:

      That’s exactly what I had in mind. You don’t have to change every run, you could just download one at random or one you like and use that when you submit your game, or you could be cool and do it at runtime. ITS ABOUT LOVE AND SHARING AND BAD SPRITESHEETS

  14. Jokerbomb says:

    I’m in! I’m not a great artist, but I really like the idea. Apologizes to anyone who uses my abomination =P

  15. ShadowBrain says:

    I’m probably in, just submitted my spritesheet, not entirely sure on my game yet but at least I’ve contributed 😀

  16. MetaGlitch says:

    Any chance we can get a list of all submitted images dynamically, like with
    Simple one URL per line is enough, no need for fancy json :)

  17. jonbro says:

    woo! About a 1/3 of the way done with my super hyper detailed sheet. Still gotta do the characters. I am løving what people are submitting too, this is gonna be hilarious.

  18. I’m in! Such a cool idea 😀

  19. Jezzamon says:

    This might be the best mini ludum dare idea I’ve seen! Great job.

    BUT damn I don’t have time to do this. Like, because it’s such a cool idea I HAVE to do it, and I will, but I really shouldn’t 😉

  20. jonbro says:

    A few of my textures being used in a mockup level.

  21. yuigoto says:

    Time to let some more “real” work pile up! :)

    Anybody knows a good place to learn how to properly code data inside that last tile? I know I’m a total beginner, but who knows? Might be able to work something different. 😛

  22. Prowler says:

    Could you set the PNG header for the random page? Or, if we should use this page for loading the in-game spritesheet as binary, could you add a second page with a PNG header? I’d like to see some random spritesheets in my browser 😀

  23. Dejvo says:

    oh snap! i have made a mistake is it possible to delete it? it’s this one

  24. sebasRez says:

    Can someone tell me how to get the images online at runtime for unity? I would be using 2Dtoolkit and I think it would be great if it is constantly different each time.

  25. Twiebs says:

    This is a great idea. Ive never done a LD before real or mini, but this is to awesome to pass up. I’m in.

  26. pixzleone says:

    Awesome idea!

  27. coasterspaul says:

    Whoever did the text one here:
    Don’t take it personally, but you are an evil person.

  28. thomdabeast says:

    This will be my official LD! I’m excited!!!

  29. Timm638 says:

    Could you delete “”?
    I have found a small mistake in it(In the plane is a left over white pixel).

  30. Mantlair says:

    I am in! Cool idea. I will do some additional sprites after finishing my game (At least i hope so!)

  31. Knowledge says:

    Your captcha is so cool.

  32. crabeatr says:

    Hey ! I’m new enough to development that I want to learn new stuff. Which engine should I use for a top down 2d game ? I just want an engine with good tutorials and documentation

    • Mantlair says:

      I will use unity because its the only engine i know how to use and don`t wanna spend time on learning a new thing for this time. But there is haxeflixel. Most people thinks its cool enough. Check it out. And good luck.

    • voxel says:

      If you’re on windows Gamemaker is a solid choice. I hear good things about Construct 2 and Godot engine as well

      • GaTechGrad says:

        I’m using this Mini-LD to learn Construct 2. It’s not too bad, but I haven’t figured out a way to easily implement tile swapping yet. Currently, I create all of the tilemaps and sprite objects, and then set the visibility property depending on which sheet is currently active. Unfortunately, it’s about 10 minutes worth of work to add a new sprite sheet, so I’m hoping to figure out if there is a way to load the sprite sheet at runtime and dynamically create the sprites and tiles. The Construct 2 platformer engine seems solid and can build HTML5 out of the box. If I have the chance, I hope to write a post about my experience with Construct 2.

        By the way, here is the sprite sheet that I finished last night. I went for a Japanese youkai (mythological creatures) theme.

        • voxel says:

          Nice spritesheet, nice to get something a bit different into the mixbag

          I had a quick look at construct 2 and I dont see any obvious / easy way to do the spritesheet substitution :(, though maybe someone with C2 experience will have an idea. You could try asking in the #ludumdare irc channel, crefossus has used C2 a bit I think. Or try him on twitter @creffosus

  33. Dejvo says:

    can i use some elements specificly from mine spritesheet and some randomly from others (I’m probably gonna use all spritesheets)

  34. kairunotabi says:

    can we submit two versions of our game like, for example, a version of our game where the sprites were swapped and the other version of our game will have the original sprites made for it?

  35. Zarkith says:

    Finally got around to finishing my actual spritesheet for this. I don’t have a game to go with it, so it’s a bit of an inconsistent jumble of different ideas, but hey that’s just what this is all about eh? 😛

  36. Dejvo says:

    yeat another question. could you set up a timer counting towards the end in here? because timezones and stuff. or do we just submit it whenever we fancy?

    • voxel says:

      Whenever you like, until the form closes. Submissions will close at the end of Sunday, but it’s not me that closes the form, so there might be a couple of extra hours

  37. jsmars says:

    Just wanted to say that this miniLD idea was awesome, big thanks for the work you’ve done! Sadly I didn’t have time to enter this time, but I hope for more creative LDs like this! :) Nice work!

  38. Donni11 says:

    When is the due date ?

  39. Linus123xbb says:

    This was my first MiniLD and the concept of swapping sprite sheets were absolutely brilliant!

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