Whenever I talk about Ludum Dare to others I like to advertise it as the best way of actually getting something done in a weekend, rather than just talking/dreaming about it or planning it endlessly.

I’ve come to terms long ago with the fact that I’m not an artist; I can’t create anything visually or audibly appealing and the only reason I’m into game-making is for the programming that goes into games. After judging a couple of entries, I have the feeling I’m not the only one in this situation.

My entry for this LD is written in ClojureScript, a very nice high-level language I’m learning now. When you want to learn a new language, the first hundred lines are typically a nightmare and LD is a good excuse and an incentive to start and finish a project. A few LDs ago I did a game in Scala and it was an equally pleasant experience.

What I originally wanted to post about was that I’ve listened to the feedback I got on my entry and I made a waaay better sequel/spin-off. It’s a numbers and characters puzzle game. For some reason, I got carried away explaining to the LD community why LD is a healthy habit.

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  1. jmborden says:

    I did my entry in Clojurescript as well =).

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