PSA: be nice to raters!

Posted by (twitter: @blubberquark)
May 3rd, 2015 10:41 am

Please respect your fellow developers! Make sure they can rate your game easily.

Do not

  • call your download, ludumdare.tar.gz, game.exe or ld32.jar
  • put a “Web” link to a Unity WebPlayer thingy or Java Applet
  • upload .exe files only for Java, Lua and Python games
  • write “there is no Web Player/Linux build” so it shows up when I search Web Player or Linux
  • make arrows+x+z your only control scheme
  • terminate the program on player death


  • name your links Web(Flash) or Web(Unity)
  • upload .love .jar .py et cetera
  • say what language/engine you used
  • name your downloads [developer]_[gamename]


3 Responses to “PSA: be nice to raters!”

  1. blubberquark says:

    One of these days I will manage to post this *before* LD upload deadline and not during rating.

  2. Geckoo1337 says:

    I agree with you – these rules could be useful for us, but… you cannot impose your point of view. I think that sharing its own project on LD – it’s always a part of the challenge. Who knows how to sell his game, he wins. Who doesn’t do anything effort, then he can lose many points. It’s the game. However thank you for your kind and wise advice. Put it before the session – next time ++

  3. dos says:

    “put a “Web” link to a Unity WebPlayer thingy or Java Applet” – exactly! It’s so annoying to click on yet another “Web” link which turns to be unplayable without Unity Web Player, so unplayable at all for me (I’m GNU/Linux user).

    Unity Player, Java and Flash ARE NOT Web. If it requires plugin to be played, it’s not Web.

    Also, I think there should be hard requirement for publishing source code, just like on Global Game Jam.

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