Post Compo – Stoned Scarecrow

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May 2nd, 2015 7:50 am


Hi guys,

the game now is starting to look more challenging and exciting, I’m still finishing a music and some new sound effects to add in the next updates.

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4 Responses to “Post Compo – Stoned Scarecrow”

  1. GFM says:

    Nice! This is way better than you your entry. :)

    I kept playing until I was able to beat the “cogumelo torneira” (saw the name on a “design doc” you posted earlier… and I just found out I don’t know how to say “torneira” in english XD [ok, ‘tap’…]). Every playthrough I got a new level, so I could advance a little more, which motivated me to keep playing until I either beat it or run out of upgrades.

    For curiosity, this is how I leveled up:
    – Maxed out “shot speed”
    – Added 2 points to “trunk speed” (to try to pass that wall of mushrooms, crows and big crows)
    – Maxed out “shot power”
    – Added 2 more points to “trunk speed”

    By that point, was I able to beat the “tap’shroom”. :)

  2. gillenew says:

    Thanks @GFM

    the “cogumelo torneira” was the first name that came to my mind hahaha
    it interesting that you have learned the name, another player named him to pipe mushroom xD
    I did he more boring for to be hiding behind the other enemies and it is with 900 HP in the current test version.

    Your method to level up is very similar to mine. When I testing the game quickly I usually do this first sequence: Full Speed Shot and Full Shot Power, so I can defeat almost all the waves of enemies :)

    I’m a little slow on the production of this game, because of lack of time, but I believe so I put a cool music, the game will turn into something better.

  3. eemmbbeerr says:

    Played through the new version of the game and I have to say: the balancing is really well done and makes my opinion of your game skyrocket!

  4. gillenew says:

    Nice @eemmbbeerr !!

    I’m taking advantage of the tips that you passed me and making adjustments in the game, I have not decided the course of the game, but would probably try to put on the steam greenlight, I always wanted to put a game in there, but I never had the courage to do it :(

    Thank you for your consideration :)

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