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April 29th, 2015 8:42 am

LD32 3

During the time between LD and now I have worked a bit on improving my game. A lot of commentators mentioned that the game was too hard and I kinda thought so myself (I haven’t won once during LD play testing) but I usually suck at my own games and most of the time I’m too impatient for strategy/tactic games and so I thought the difficulty was ok. But now that I had enough time and feedback I changed the game to be easier (and less luck depended). But that’s not all: I implemented a religion system (I might do an extra post explaining some of its design), tweaked a lot of stuff according to feedback and fixed some bugs.

If you find any bugs and strange behaviour please report it in the comments.

Download from my Entry page:

LD32 6

Full change-log:

– Fixed Ls sometimes moving more than twice
– Made 2 med pack and 2 item piles get generated instead of it being random
– Made sure all enemies and item piles + med packs get generated and some not just get overridden by others removing a rare case where you could craft a weapon first
– Made using enter for menus instead of c or e possible
– Made number of enemies constant (previously this increased by 1 for every enemy every level) but made some numbers a bit higher to partly compensate this
– Made HP increase per level higher partly to compensate the above change and partly to shift the focus more towards crafting
– Some changes to the ingame help
– Made enemies (and item piles/med packs) spawn with at least 2 tiles between you and them
– Stopped monster from wrapping
– Made Bs do no damage anymore but gave them a lot more HP
– Removed your ability to wait (worship Ubdela to get it back)
– Added Vi-key support and rebound help to ?
– Moved player stats from inventory to (enemy-)stats
– Showed equipped weapon in equip and stats menu
Religion system !!!
– You can kill yourself using r (needed when worshiping Omor)
– Fixed flashing text in some menus
– Fixed spawning behavior at edge of map
– New enemy: P – appears only on level 10 (3 of them); spawns Js every 15 turns and chases you with double movement speed like an F; except this stats are like J
– Enemies change color when they spawn next turn

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