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April 29th, 2015 1:19 am

So I was playing and rating games, found some I was really impressed with, and wanted to check out what those developers had done before, only to find that the links on those entries were dead.

So many great games are made through LudumDare!

This made me realize, every LudumDare thousands of games are made, atleast several hundreds of these are really great games! Where do they go? Do people ever play them again?

I’d really like to see an archive, saving at least the top 50 or even 100 entries of each category, many are in multiple categories, so it would probably be around 300 games per event, and less for the earlier Ludum Dares. Also I’d think most people would agree that post-compo versions should be included, or even only these versions, as the archiving would be mainly to be able to go back and play good games.

Lets make a Ludum Dare best games archive torrent!

I guess the best way to do this would have a few (completely legal) torrent packs containing a few LD’s each, or just one big huge one that is updated after each event.

It would be a pretty big job downloading several hundred games for each LD, not to mention all the cases where the links are dead. Maybe a google doc joint effort anyone? Each person could probably manage one LD event with a few hours work.

What do you think? Maybe someone thought of this already? Do we want to do this?? 

Very old LDs?

Also, how far does LD go back and where are those games & results? I tried googling results for the first few events, but I can’t find much beyond in the current link structure.


Created a google doc to flesh out this plan if it’s at all going to be done.


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  1. Deozaan says:

    I like this idea. Maybe something can be organized via folks who know what they’re doing when it comes to archiving things.

    Specifically, the folks at

  2. KaiseanGames says:

    The main problem is that LD expects you to host games on your own servers, so it’s questionable how many of those old games would be salvaged. You would have to request game creators to upload them again. But I support the initiative :)

  3. jsmars says:

    Yeah and that’s mainly why I think it would be a good idea, since a lot of old games will be lost. If we start salvaging now we would atleast get most games from the past few LD’s and atleast parts of older LD’s, then anyone who wants a big batch of great games can just keep the torrent seeded.

  4. Budaniel says:

    I really like this idea. I’m a huge proponent of archiving things so they don’t get lost to time (I have gigs of data stored from my old sites and games, plus countless hours of saved live streams from things like Extra Life marathons I enjoyed that decided weren’t worth keeping anymore) so I think this is a great idea. If I knew how I would try this myself but considering not only the knowledge and legwork required to track down old entries and the know-how needed to properly preserve and share web-based games, it’s a little (or a lot) out of my league.

    Perhaps, rather than a torrent, a website that was just for archiving old Ludum Dare games? Host them there, play them there, and they’d be safe (for at least as long as the site lasted). My questions would be, what kind of bandwidth would that require and how would download-to-play games figure in to that?

    If it was done as a torrent, I’d want – and this is probably wanting a little too much – a text file or something with each included game containing their scores and/or finishing position.

    Lots of potential hurdles, but I love the concept.

  5. jsmars says:

    Yeah it is quite a lot of work I guess.. Maybe parts of this could be automated by PoV from the sites database if he was enthusiastic about the project.
    I agree that a good folder structure really should be added, maybe as simple as saving down the HTML’s (or exported PDF) from each Ludum Dare result page (for LD15 and forward atleast) would be good, and if possible this info into a excel datasheet would be nice too..

    I think a hosted site would be a problem, sure that would be really nice, but it would be quite a bit of hosting required, and it’s not as future proof as if tons of people have the torrent completed on their harddrives, plus then everyone can pitch in to seed the torrent instead of someone having to pay for webhosting.

    I’ve started a google doc to start fleshing out the possibility of this plan, it’s public for anyone to edit/contribute with good ideas.

  6. sorceress says:

    Remember that LD games remain the property of their authors, and they may want to retain control of their game’s distribution.

    This isn’t like some 1990s public domain library, where games can be freely copied and mirrored anywhere, by anyone.

    The authors may not want their game to be included in a torrent. Permission should always be explicitly given.

  7. jsmars says:

    Yeah you are right about that sorceress.. We would need to make a separate list where each author has expressed their permission to add or not add their game to the archive… Which makes the process even harder, heh.

  8. jsmars says:

    I guess we could see what the general opinion is about that, because you are right too I guess Deozaan, they have put their content up on the LD site for anyone to download and there is no harm is anyone downloading everything.

    It could be very difficult to find contact information, contact everyone and add their responses.. but there could definitely be a list for those who have expressed they do not want to participate and those games could be removed before the archive is complete or after. And ofcourse copyright notices should be put the in file about the status of all games.

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