Giant Spiky Ball of Death updates:

  • Much better controls
  • Added arrow key support
  • NEW ENEMY (splits into five smaller enemies, see below)
  • Removed main background (it caused my gifs to go up in file size by 20mb…)
  • Order change of waves (Bigger enemy comes before the shooting one)
  • Fixed being able to outrun the chain

To be added in the near future:

  • Controller support
  • Enemy kills counter after death
  • Post score to twitter?
  • HTML 5 version (Will be saving up in the far future)


Although I am not aiming to sell my game, I would at least like to see this project reach a more acceptable level of quality. Also as this is now more of a shameless self advertise, I need more people to play the Ludum Dare version of my game and give critical feedback. Below is a gif of a more polished and faster version of my game, but I will say now that the LD version is not too far off from this one. I have not released this newer version yet, as I am in need of more feedback on the original, but I will most likely after the voting has finished.


Play Giant Spiky Ball of Death LD version


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