Big Bertha vs alien robots! Post-mortem

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April 28th, 2015 10:32 am


Hello everyone, greetings from Paris! Time has come to do my “post-mortem” article about my first Ludum Dare experience :) Check out my game (nb: it’s a 2-players game only)

Day one – aka “What went right … too right”

In France, the theme was given at 3am. I woke up at 8, and tried to decide what to do. The concept came rather quickly, and as soon as I found it, the implementation, the ideas, and the graphics came fast, without much hesitation, less hesitation actually than for my previous games; I had lots of C++ classes to implement, but I was coding fast, and I was knowing my tools, since I was using a C++ engine I had written myself over these last years (even if I had to do some bugfixes on this engine on the middle of the jam).

A major part of the game was implemented at the end of day one (There was just no sound/music, nor bonuses, and the cannon could not be hit by fire). My girlfriend and I tested quickly and it seemed fun, and working without known bugs.

Day two – aka “What went wrong”

At the beginning of day two, I woke up early after sleeping less than I usually do, took a coffee without eating first (what I usually don’t do) and immediately started coding.
My adorable girlfriend made some food for me, and I then started eating while coding. I started feeling sick. At first I stupidly suspected something in the food, but it was me:
I coded too fast (I think?) the whole day before and I was way way more tense and exhausted that I though.

I took a large part of the day off, doing shopping and going to the cinema watching Fast And Furious. I came back on the jam on the end of afternoon, when I felt way more rested. I added some features like sound. I discovered that there was a day three, because I didn’t had understood yet the distinction between jam and compo, silly me.

Day three

The day three I found a music for the game and implemented a way to fit the game to the size of the screen/window, for any resolution. It was a low level OpenGL and DirectX code that I implemented also as a feature for my personal engine (the Loving Cube Engine), so it took me a large part of the day.

So guys…

… take care of your health! Stress in your friend but also your enemy. Know your limits and take some breaks, even if you love coding like me.
[Edit: It has been confirmed that there was something wrong in the food, still, so that wasn’t only me haha]

What’s next?

I want to work on a new version of the game, but with way more features and complexity. Maybe another theme, but the same idea.

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