Results from framework/engine survey

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April 27th, 2015 10:24 pm

Thanks for doing the survey, we got 139 responses

The 2 questions asked were:

What engine or framework did you use for ludum dare 32?

Which game engine or frame work do you preffer to use the most?




It seems like unity is favored a lot and also surprisingly frameworks not listed. Some not listed are: construct 2, Phaser, Flashfunk, Playground.js, PlayCanvas, gamesalad, pygame, +more.

Mmm pie….



For all the responses here’s a link:

6 Responses to “Results from framework/engine survey”

  1. Budaniel says:

    Nice. Not surprised that Unity was the most used, or that I was apparently the only Stencyl user. What does surprise me is the huge range of frameworks in use, and that Unity didn’t break 50%.

  2. WetDesertRock says:

    Have to say I can’t read your piechart, too many colors are the same, which is hard for me to negotiate. One of the greatest downfalls of the piechart is that it is hard to lable many elements on it at once without colors, and colors tend to be hard for some people (like me) to read.

  3. dos says:

    Booo, missed the survey :(

  4. bruno99 says:

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