Post-mortem and Remake

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April 27th, 2015 9:54 am

For LD32 I submitted Magnets, How Do They Work?

LD32 Magnets Submission Page

Overall I was not particularly happy with my submission, but I think the core concept and mechanic work as a game.


What Went Wrong?

1) I don’t know how to art! Usually when I submit games for Ludum Dare I do it as part of a 2 man team. I do all the base and gameplay type stuff, while Auroraimortalis does the art, sound, music, models, animation and all those fancy pretty type things. I knew I was going to be doing it solo this time well in advance, but I didn’t think to learn how to do any of Auroraimortalis’ parts before the compo (I am a big silly). This obviously set me back a fair amount over the weekend, but I managed to struggle through using the most ‘easy to learn’ programs I could find (Qubicle for models, GarageBand app for music, Bfxr for sound and no animations)

2) No planning and early mistakes snowballed. I had an issue with physics/controls/collision detection early on which, instead of spending the time to do properly, I just worked around. Eventually this got too far and I had to make it so that colliding with the walls in the game meant game over, which almost every comment on the game mentioned was silly. And it was silly, I never meant it to be that way but it would have taken too much time to fix by the time I got around to it.

3) A bit of a mess. As with every Ludum Dare it was quite hectic and stressful. I didn’t keep my sleeping pattern, there was no sensible design or aim to my game and I didn’t take any time away from the computer for the weekend except to sleep. Without much direction my game went a bit odd design-wise and the level layout and design was poor.


What Went Right?

I think the core game mechanic has legs and would work in a better designed game. I’ve created a remake (below) which tries it out in a better setting and solves some of the problems my LD32 submission had.


The Remake

I wanted to try out the core mechanic in an environment that made a bit more sense. The remake is buggy as all hell but it looks better and you can touch the walls without it being game over.

Video of remake:

Video of original:

If you want to try the remake you can try it here

But as I said, it’s quite buggy and is by no means a finished game.

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