We created a little making-of video of our creation of Funky Knight last weekend!

  • Look over our designer’s shoulder!
  • Observe the consumption of our coffee!
  • Watch our programmers coding stuff (I added no link to a specific point of time in the video because you can see them coding all the time)!
  • Watch our game designers eat snacks!
  • Spot┬áthe pink Ubooly plushie!!!

What you won’t see in the video:

  • how we record the dubbing
  • where the coffee came from (from the recording studio aka our kitchen)
  • the pyjama party

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2 Responses to “Time Lapse Video! Watch us eat, blab and program!”

  1. Haha really nice to see this time-lapse of your team hard at work. A couple of things, there’s no link to the game here, please add one! Also your twitter link for your Ludum Dare account doesn’t work (I had the same issue until someone notified me). Go to your Ludum Dare profile (the wordpress profile editor thing), and rather than a direct link, just put in your twitter name. itsfluffytigers

    No @ symbol is necessary either, though it will still work with one.

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