Hushbert’s Theme

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April 26th, 2015 1:07 pm

I updated Hushbert’s theme a little. It’s a relatively minor part of my game, but I dig it, and I thought I’d share this with folks. Have a listen!

If you haven’t played Hush yet, click below to give it a try!

Play Hush

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2 Responses to “Hushbert’s Theme”

  1. I liked the overall rhythm and layering of the sounds, but some of them (like the first couple solo instruments that come in) I found somewhat abrasive, especially over time hearing it. There is a little sound in the middle-ish area that sounds like a small dog bark or something. Haha, I really loved it when that sound first popped up. I left a comment through soundcloud pointing out it’s precise location.

    • rojo says:

      Thanks for the feedback! The sound you’re referring to is actually one of my favorites. It’s called Mute Cuica from what I believe is the standard Microsoft MIDI synth percussion set.

      I actually just looked up what a cuica is, and it’s…kind of like a musical version what I imagine birthing a calf is like I guess. Definitely an interesting instrument!

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