Big Bertha vs alien robots! update(s)

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April 26th, 2015 5:21 pm


Big Bertha vs alien robots! got a bugfix! You might not have experienced it, but there was a small bug which could possibly have done weird things with the game speed when the framerate was lower than 60. You can check out the fixed version (To guarantee that no feature was added, you can even still check out the previous version).

Also, I did not do a post for this, but since Thursday a Windows 8 Store version of my game is now available! It’s one of the very rare Ludum Dare games on the Windows Store (The third one ever published, AFAIK). It does not use the same low-level rendering mechanism (DirectX instead of OpenGL), but the high-level code (and thus the game features) are strictly the same. WinStore

Don’t forget you need a friend to test it because it’s an exclusively 2-players cooperative game … Due to popular demand, I’ll try to implement a single-player mode :)

(I also still have my “post mortem” article to write, I was traveling so I did not get the time, but I think I’ll do it soon!)

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  1. coderitual says:

    Nice to hear, that someone else is interested in publishing for Windows Store. How about Windows Phone version?

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