Post Mortem: Sam On Tape

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April 24th, 2015 10:16 pm


Play Sam On Tape here!

What Went Right

Music was easy-peasy. Just grabbed some drum sounds, dialed in some synths and went to town. Might have spent a little too long on it though. Here’s the song that came out of it.

I kept using Flashpunk to develop, and I’m warming up to it. I’m not a good programmer by any definition, but the more I use Flashpunk, the less flailing around I do while trying to get the behaviors I want.

Using ASEPrite more since last LD definitely helped. The goal now is to learn all of the important hotkeys before next time. Micro-optimization and all that.

What Went Wrong

I’m awful at budgeting my time. Like, terrible. I’ll spend too long on something, trying to get it exactly right and everything else suffers. Don’t know what to do about this. Maybe start using a timer system or something?

Related to the last point, I need to set priorities better. I spent a lot of time working on getting dialog to work, and getting the music mixed right, and I ended up shirking the gameplay and level design… oops. Maybe next time I’ll write out a list of things to do, in order of importance?

Okay, this one’s not fair, but there was a huge thunderstorm that kept me from working for a few hours. That must be where everything went wrong! So remember: all the issues you spot in my game, if it wasn’t for that thunderstorm, it’d be perfect… :)

This is my second completed LD, and even though it was stressful and hectic it’s still hella fun. Hope to be here for another!

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3 Responses to “Post Mortem: Sam On Tape”

  1. hexdie says:

    Hey, I just played your entry! I could see that you ran out of time. Despite that though, I really like the gameplay mechanic and I LOVED that song you made for the game. It’s utterly fantastic! What synths did you use when making that? Congrats on finishing something nonetheless, I hope you do a post-compo version of this game! Also, do you have a twitter I can follow?

    • fluidvolt says:

      Thanks for playing! It has its problems, but I do think it has potential if I polish it up and add more songs with different beat patterns/tempos/etc. I’m going to go check your game out!

      As for the music, thanks for the kind words. All of the synths in there are courtesy of Charlatan — a great, simple, free virtual synth. Search for “Charlatan vst” and it should be the first link!

      I do not have a twitter. :( Is it worth it? I’m not much of a social media maven as you might be able to tell!

      • hexdie says:

        Awesome! I’m definitely going to check out that VST! And I really do hope you build on this game some more, I enjoyed what was there and it has potential.

        I think it’s worth having a twitter account. Even if you don’t post all of the time, it makes getting your work out there for people to see pretty easy. I didn’t like the idea of Twitter for a long time but it’s really grown on me. If you decide to make a twitter account, find me on there as @hexdie. It would make finding your future work much easier for me (and others). Also, if you decide to use it, definitely take advantage of hashtags like #gamedev or #indiedev, because it allows non-followers to see your work.

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