As the main part of the Ludum Dare has ended, I was lost and without purpose.Until now…

With all the amazing comments and feedback so far, I have decided to further improve GSBoD into a game that may not make money in the end, but at least be an acceptable project in my eyes.

So from for now I am rewriting ALL of my messy, rushed and uncommented code, changing it from this (seriously, what was I thinking!?!):

Bad coding

Into a much more clean, simple and (although not shown) commented piece of work like  this (my god that is much better!!):

good coding

I am also planning on adding in controller support as suggested and will then work towards fixing the major bugs, such as out running the ball’s chain. As of now, I’m not aiming to make money off of this, but I would at least like to improve this game to the point where it could make money (i.e Fully polish off graphics, audio and gameplay) .

Whelp, wish me luck, cause I know what i’ll be spending most of my time on now.

If you haven’t played my game already, you can click here to go to the LD page.


3 Responses to “Continuing work with Giant Spiky Ball of Death”

  1. bitslap says:

    I have a present for you
    Init the switch case variable in the players creation event.

    define in step or wherever something like:
    if s_input(left) {
    do a barrel roll

  2. togie says:

    love the blood splatter. is that fractal or a sprite ?

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