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So now…finally we can go play!

Very Excited….seen some great submissions….The one I’m most excited to play is Spell Mates by my friend Backterria. I havent even seen it yet but I already know. He’s one of the best devs and animators I’ve had the honor to cross paths with. Honored to call him my friend. Here’s his submission.

Here I am…hoping you’ll play my game….and I’m giving you his links…and I havent had a chance to play it yet…I already told him sorry.


Ok…so I’m gonna copypasta guys….please let us know!


The Hand That Feeds was developed for Ludum Dare 32 by team Octopus Mélange.

Our team was made up of complete strangers, brought together by game designer Nicholas Cunningham for this challenge.

For Unconventional Weapon theme….we chose our pet.

We developed a gameplay where you fight off attacking enemies by tossing snacks for your pet. He happens to love his snacks….I feel sorry for anyone that gets in his way.

We are aware of gameplay, control and feels that we still want to improve. We are doing so. In the next few days we will provide you with a link for the rest of the levels that we built during the game jam. The level you are seeing now…is more of a composition of many of the things we accomplished during the jam. We always had intention of presenting you with a more developed demo following the jam.

Our team enjoyed this experience enough that we’re scratching the code and starting again. We will be developing this game to full content…and will bring it to your computers and consoles in the very near future.

I hope you enjoy this as much as we did.


Nicholas Cunningham – Game Designer
Tom Ward – Music
Jonathan Cunningham (13 years old)- Programmer
Adam Matheny – Level Designer and Programmer
Joshua Brown-Culp – Artist
Gabriel Martino – Artist
Benn Lockyer – Programmer
Will Rainsberger (13 years old)- Programmer

Controls (Keyboard/Xbox 360 Controller):
Move = WASD /Left Thumbstick
Jump – Space / A
Throw Food – Left Control / X

We ask that you give it a spin….but what we really want is your feedback.

We want to go make this game….for us….for you….we need your help

The game page has been set up here… and this is where we will post the full demo



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